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Now that the Wolves off season is now complete, there is some buzz back in Timberwolf fans. I'm glad they finally stopped the Kahn yearly roster turnover and committed to a roster similar to Memphis a couple years back. Guys can finally get used to another and hopefully defensive cohesion will improve.

My only problem with Flip's off season is his back up center plan. Dieng, Johnson, and Turiaf can be third options, but I fully expect Pek to miss 10 games to injury on the low end. I'm not real comfortable with that combination for 48 minutes when the West is going to be as competitive as it is.

A year ago Golden State was a mess because of injuries, now everyone loves them. I am just excited to see what damage this team can do with the full roster, especially Ricky being able to improve his game rather than rehab.

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for some reason i have faith

for some reason i have faith in dieng. i believe by season's end, he may challenge pek. i know that sounds crazy, but it's just a gut feeling i have had about him since the anthony davis college basketball season. keeping kevin love happy should be the first priority.

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Me too

I feel like Dieng will get more minutes than most people will expect due to his above average mid range jumper and all around active defense.

Throwing Dieng out there with Pekovic for 5 minute spurts could be a decent combo when K Love gets a rest. Dieng can space the floor a little and let Big Pek operate down low.

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Dieng will probably end up

Dieng will probably end up being their #2 by the end of the year. Turiaf is a vet who knows his role and pair him with Pek and you have two of the most physical big men in the league.

Dieng will need time to adjust, he's thin by NBA standards and didn't exactly stand out when I saw him this summer. Pek is a 16 and 9 NBA player, I think there is no way Dieng is pushing him out of his starting spot as a rookie, but I do think when he gets the hang of the NBA game he'll be a good 2nd stringer.

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This doesnt Answer

This does nothing to asnwer the qeustion, but. If Pek goes down and misses some games, it could be fun to see MN play small ball (depending on who they play).

PG: Rubio
SG; Martin
SF: Budnger/Brewer
PF: Williams
C: Love

This obviously would not fit every night, but this line up could rack up the points and run. This isn't the most solid defensive squad, but if they can run and score it will help on D.

Again, a little off topic, but I would like to see them give it a shot if Pek missed some time. I mean, last year MN played Williams and Cunnigham at the 4 and 5 in some games due to injuries (and yes, it was ugly). Switch out a role player in (Cunnigham) with one of the best big men in the league (Love), it could be good.

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I think you're right on. When

I think you're right on. When injuries happen, it's not always about going down in the depth chart and starting the next guy in line. It's about putting the best lineup on the court. Taj Gibson started in place of Joakim Noah, not because he's their backup C, but because he helped put the best lineup on the court.

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I do feel that the Wolves

I do feel that the Wolves offseason was good. I love the addition of Kevin Martin and bringing back Pek and Corey Brewer. Shabazz Muhammed and drafted Gordon Dieng will be interesting to see how they pan out. I am psyched for the T-Wolves this season. Can't wait to see how Derrick Williams will progress as well. T-Wolves will be exciting this season.

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Outside of injuries, there's

Outside of injuries, there's no reason why this team shouldn't be a 7th seed.

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A drunken thought...

Does anyone think this team could have success similar to the pre-bibby Sacramento Kings? They won 55 games in 2001.

Jwilliams / Rubio
Peja / kmart
Webber / love
Divac / pekovic
Jackson / barea
Christie / shved
Turk / williams

I know it's not a perfect comparison, but I thought it was worth mentionin .

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