Wolves Sign Shved

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Wolves Sign Shved

The Timberolves have agreed to terms with Alexey Shved...does this mean Batum is out of the question now? Has the search for an all-white starting line-up finally come to an end? Thoughts?...

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The site has his NBA

The site has his NBA comparison is listed as Penny Hardaway...if he is half as good as a young Penny Hardaway then it will be a solid pick-up. He's only 24.

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^^^ Well, David Kahn still


Well, David Kahn still has to trade Derrick Williams and Wesley Johnson for Chandler Parsons, Zoran Dragic (Goran's little bro), Jon Leuer, John Brockman, and two future first round Plumlee's (err, I mean picks).

Wait, that might actually be a decent trade for the T Wolves. Minny gets a young, legit, athletic small forward who can run, finish, and defend, some more depth, and some draft picks.

On the other hand, the Rockets get another tweener forward PLUS a tweener wing man for the Tweener Combo.

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I like it

It as been long rumored they would sign Shved. He looks like a good player. Even though he's Rusian(i think) he looks like a taller Rick Rubio (game is a little alike, but face and hair is scary similar).

Also of note most places say he is 6-5, but he measured a legit 6-7 1/2 in workout for the cavs a few weeks ago when they were one of the teams chasing him.

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The Wolves have to have something already in the works with Portland for Batum if they've already commited to Roy and Shved and possibly Steimsma too while keeping the contracts of Martell Webster and Brad Miller, who could've both been waived on July 1st, but were kept to be traded. They're over the cap with these deals and won't be able to sign Batum to an offer sheet, he'll have to come to MN in a S&T. I wouldn't be surprised to see both the Wolves pick and Memphis' pick in 2013 traded to Portland for Batum.

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as a fellow russian i am happy to say я поздравляю тебя швед !

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Ridnour trade bait

Ridnour is trade bait at this point, he's proven that he can play PG or SG and there aren't going to be enough minutes to go around with Shved, Roy and whoever else is signed (Batum, Lee, Mayo). I wouldn't expect him to be highly saught after but there is going to be a backlog or guards soon. I heard that they could jump into the Howard deal if the Clippers back out but I don't know that Marshon Brooks is the guy they are looking for because he is so young.

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