wolves going for gay

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wolves going for gay says twolves going for rudy gay. doubt they will get him. but good luck

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Open up the wallet

They are going to have to shell out big bucks for Gay and they have quite a bit of cap space though I don't know what Memphis' limit is going to be. Look for them to come away with 2-3 considerable upgrades after the draft and free agency and those upgrades will make them significantly better ( not saying much). I would love to see Gay and a way to pick up Turner in the draft.

We'll see what they do about the center position as I don't see Big Al coming back, he would have been traded last year if he wasn't rehabing from an injury.

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yah that would be amazing to

yah that would be amazing to get turner and gay. except the wolves wont be able to do it

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Look up the word Inept

That's Kaun....He may very well overpay for Gay...Good Luck to the Wolves fan base...Will Iggy be better than Gay then???when their contracts are equal in size and length and the Wolves see he's not a superstar...

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don't understand

I don't understand why they say minnesota isn't very attractive for free agents. someone please explain it to me. they say minnesota often has to overpay for free agents, but if you are one LBJ you look at the coach and GM. if you like them, then look at the pieces in place and those are the real advantages in luring free agents. I understand the mesmeric effect of the idea of playing at MSG, in front of spike lee, but minneapolis is a nice city. I've never been, but I've seen the Mighty Ducks movies. Is it that the attendance record isn't that good? I think that can come with winning. As for Gay I think he is an awesome fit as his athleticism will be a great complement to flynn on the run. Then you draft a Guy like Cousins and you have a nice core of young players. Ellington seems poised for a nice jump in his second year. We know what love can do. Improve his conditioning and that could make a big difference in his game and Brewer, Gomes and Sessions are proven players.

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Don't sign Gay

I think that the Wolves would really hurt themselves by signing Gay. I see a lot of similarities between Gay and the situation that Philly was in with Igoudala. Super athletic, good player, but clearly not worth 13-15 mil a year. Factor in that the labor agreement is up after next season and contract length and amounts will presumably go down. It could really hamper their future cap room by giving max money to a guy who arguably will only a make a couple of all-star appearances at best in his career. Hopefully whatever they offer Memphis will match, that way the casual fan will at least think their trying.

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1 place where Rudy really

1 place where Rudy really hated visiting was Minnesota..
Plus former Grizzlies teammate Mike Miller didnt have many flattering words to say about that city..And Miller & Rudy are kind of tight..
But if The T-Wolves want to overpay him and they're the only team thats willing to give him a max deal..He might go there...
Rudy is a very loyal guy and wants to return to Memphis..But he also wants to become a marquee player and would love to show the world what he could do playing on a big stage like New York or Chicago....

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Mike Miller is a South Dakota kid and considered playing in Minnesota to be playing at home. Miller enjoyed his time here just not the losing. We'll see how much Gay liked Memphis when the time to sign the contract comes. You are making this stuff up.

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