Wolves at .500

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Wolves at .500

Baby steps for the Wolves but this is the latest that they have had a .500 winning record in years. I hope they can sneak in the playoffs but there is so much improvement on this team compared to last year but I think Adelman has been the biggest addition. He has put Ridnour and Beasley in position to play with freedom and Pekovic looks completely different.

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When they can trade Webster,

When they can trade Webster, Wesley Johnson for some talent that will fit in with them possibly at shooting guard and some more vets, they can be like OKC. They have to draft better because if you look at everyone that Kahn has drafted Rubio was their big hit and it took him 2 years to come. Flynn has talent but is a 3rd string pg. Wesley is alright but playing out of position at sg guard when he should be a small forward which is their deepest position. Ellington is a solid bk sg. Love was already there. Beasley and Randolph were given away so that the other team could get a big name like Melo or Lebron.

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