WIzards trade 5th pick, Thomas, Songaila, Pecherov to Twolves for Randy Foye and Mike Miller

The trade is official. NBA.com reports that 2 NBA officials confirmed the trade.


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Its not official until

Its not official until Thomas agrees not to become a FA.

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This isn't news buddy-boy.

Cameron Crazy 22
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Wiz in 09-10

this makes them a legit contender in the east

pg arenas if healthy
sg miller
sf caron butler
pf Jamison
C-Haywood if he comes back healthy

and foye can come off the bench as a combo guard

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Foye coming off the bench for Miller?

Guaranteed... Foye will be the starter... I guarantee.
Mike is a shooter but his inability to fill the role at Minnesota tells me, he'll be the 6th man.
Not only that, the 6th man will fit him better as Foye, up&coming, will see it as a demotion, where as Mike will see it as opportunity to take more shots and be helpful as a spark.
Nothing against you or Miller... it just always works like this.

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They are not contenders

They are not contenders unless everyone is healthy. One or more of the big three are usually hurt for a long period of time, especially Arenas.

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