Wizards interested in Nate Robinson?

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Wizards interested in Nate Robinson?

The Wizards need a backup point guard, and it looks like they may be interested in signing Nate Robinson:

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He was incredible in the

He was incredible in the playoffs. I would love for the cavs to give him an offer if we can't get Mo Williams for some reason.

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I was just with Nate the

I was just with Nate the other night and we didn't talk about potential destinations but he did say westbrook and rondo were two of the toughest to guard in the league (funny seeing that he played with both of em)

when asked about CJ Watson, he said "f*** him"


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I'm not sure who the Wizards

I'm not sure who the Wizards would give up but I'd be assuming a SF if their gonna use Butler as a SG with Deng at the SF who btw I think will stay in Chicago. So I'd assume they'd probably trade Ariza and Singleton/Vesely along with a few draft picks

Here's a look at their lineup

C Nene/Seraphin
F Okafor/ Vesely or Singleton whoever stays
F Porter/ Webster (Re-sign him)
G Beal/ Rice Jr.
G Wall/ Robinson

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What trade are you talking about?

What trade are you talking about? Isnt Nate a free agent? Im sure the wizards don't need to do a sign and trade they have the cap space and would definetly not give up picks for Nate who will be a back up.

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You would give up Ariza and draft picks for Nate Robinson? Hhahah But yeah he's a free agent anyway.

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Nate should garner a lot of

Nate should garner a lot of interest in FA. People finally got to see what he's capable of off the bench (or even a starter if a bad team can give him a lot of money and want to bring fans to the games). But I really see him going to any sort of contender that needs perimeter shooting and overall scoring and bench production. I'd love to see him in a Nuggets type offense but they still have Andre Miller on the bench.
For the Wizards specifically, I think he's an incredible fit. Great off the bench and can play the 2 with Wall (Wall could defend opposing SG's). Could easily help make them a playoff team.

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