Wizards, Bulls, & Pelicans 3 Team Draft Night Deal

Wizards receives: Luol Deng from the Bulls, cash from the Pelicans, and future draft picks from the Bulls

Bulls receives: Eric Gordon from the Pelicans & Chris Singleton from the Wizards

Pelicans receives: the 3rd pick in the 2013 NBA Draft from the Wizards & Jan Vesely

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This trade I could only see a

This trade I could only see a Pelican fan making.

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Are You Serious?

This trade helps all 3 teams

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Are you a Pelican or Anthony

Are you a Pelican or Anthony Davis fan?

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If Gordon is healthy I really

If Gordon is healthy I really like it. Wizards get a player who can help lead them to the playoffs. Pelicans cash in on a guy who doesn't want to be there and have the #3 and #6 to build around. Bulls now have another star to pair with Derrick Rose and letting Butler become the starting SF. +1 from me.

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Not bad

Its difficult to come up with trades that the majority of people agree with but I have to say that this seems like a trade that could actually happen and benefit the teams involved, with the condition that Gordon has fully recovered (like Tyrober stated).

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Great Trade. I wish this happens !

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Bulls fan here. Tibbs likes

Bulls fan here. Tibbs likes Deng to much. Bulls get smaller when I think they need to get bigger. Bulls would be locked into Gordons salary when they appear to want to position themselves for free agents after next year. I assume when you say Bulls would add draft picks you don't mean Charlotte pick.

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Not going to lie Don, I

Not going to lie Don, I usually don't like your trade ideas, but I do like this one. Nice work!

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I don't like it for the

I don't like it for the wizards. Why trade your pick(porter, bennett) for 1 year of deng plus his injury concerns. What happens if he leaves in FA. Wizards fans are still recovering from trading the #5 pick in 09 and have nothing to show for it.

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This is a good trade. I'm a

This is a good trade. I'm a Bulls fan, and I don't love Gordon, but I would still do this trade. Gordon seems to get hurt a lot, not sure if he has the best attitude in the world, but the idea of he playing with Rose, the two of them being AAU buddies and at the very least can get them a guy who can create his own shot and make plays aside from Rose.

Also, on Deng: I like him. He is really solid, He's gone to some all star games. My worry with him is he isn't getting any better, and Jimmy Butler can already do about 80% of what he did. The Bulls missed his body in the playoffs, but not neccessarily his skill. Sure they were short handed, and any competent NBA player would have been an upgrade of Marquis Teague, but no one was saying Wow, if Deng was out there the Bulls would be much better! I just think he's maxed out where he is, and for the Bulls to make a leap forward, they need to do a move like this. When after this season, they can bring in Mirotic, amnesty Boozer, and actually have some cap for 2014.

Deng would really help the Wizards. They are probably going to pick Otto Porter, who's basically a player they will hope will be Luol Deng some day. They really don't need more young guys, they just need more good players. They definitely have the potential to make a leap next year, they played good defense last season, which Deng would only reinforce, and maybe his veteran leadership would make vault them into the playoffs if Wall continues to improve.

If you're the Pelicans, why not? Gordon doesn't want to play there. He isn't making your team any better, and this could be a way to get rid of him and have two top 6 picks to keep restocking your roster. You are far from competing at a playoff level, might as well bottom out. With next year's draft looming, another awful season wouldn't be all that bad to be honest.

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Bulls give away Deng, they

Bulls give away Deng, they won't be the same team anymore. Deng does so many things that don't appear on the stat sheet.

Gordon is so inconsistant and injury prone, it's a huge gamble for a team like Chicago who's contending for a title.

It's a fair trade, just a huge gamble for Chicago.

Do they want their two primary scorers to be guards? When was the last time that was successful and how far it took a team? Arenas/Hughes?

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NO way

I like Loul Deng but there is no way I trade for him with his injury concerns and his inability to create offense for himself. I would just take Otto Porter who i think can be a similar player and have him for less money and possibly even longer. Chicago already knows they can play without Deng so they just clear up cap space ad a possible all-star in eric gordon and they already have a rising star in Jimmy Butler this deal is pretty much all in favor of the bulls.

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