Wizards a 5th seed playoff team?

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Wizards a 5th seed playoff team?

Martell Webster thinks so...


Although Washington has a legitimate shot at making the playoffs, the 5th seed is a bit too high. Aiming for an unattainable seed might not be a bad thing though.

Last season, the top 5 seeds looked like this:

1) Heat
2) Knicks
3) Pacers
4) Nets
5) Bulls

I can't see the Wizards cracking that top 5.

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Yeah they don't look good

Yeah they don't look good enough to get there , but I am almost certain they will make the playoffs .
At least if nobody important gets injured.

Wall will prove he can be a franchise player and lead his team to a great record .

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I had my doubts about Wall but I think he has a very good chance at join that elite group of pgs (cp3 Westbrook rose curry)

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I see the Knicks definitely

I see the Knicks definitely being the 5 seed here, so it's really just not possible. I don't see the Knicks having any worse than 48+ wins and I could see the Wizards getting around 44, maybe less if Porter isn't as NBA Ready as we think. I do wish the Wizards a healthy season though, would really love to see what Wall can do with an injury-free season.

I would love to see Wizards vs Heat in the First Round of the Playoffs, I just think it'd be a really entertaining matchup, and I could see the Wizards stealing a game.

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I don't even think the Wiz

I don't even think the Wiz are as good as the Cavs.

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First off, Knicks are not the

First off, Knicks are not the 2nd best team in the East, but to the point the Wizards might be the 7th or 8th seed at best. Not too concerned with what Webster thinks.

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Those were the top 5

Those were the top 5 standings from this past season. NYK had the 2nd seed.

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Lmao at Martell Webster

Lmao at Martell Webster wishful thinking....First off, this is the most injury prone team in the league (outside of Minnesota). Second Otto Porter is not NBA ready..once again leaving them weakness at the SF spot. Nene and Emeka will have trouble guarding stretch bigs. Nor can anyone else create their shot down low..out side of NENE.They'll be a 8th or 9th place in the east

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They could easily finish 6th

They could easily finish 6th if they're healthy. 5th is a stretch, but 6th isn't at all. They played great with Beal and Wall playing together, but the two of them missed a lot of time. Hopefully with a better run of health the team will be able to show what they can do.

They are better than the Cavs without Bynum, but a healthy Bynum makes a big difference.

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Fifth is too high, but

Fifth is too high, but Playoffs should be a lock for the Wiz. Pistons also get in there as I think Drummond becomes one of the dominant big men in the league.
LOL at Knicks as number 2. The Knicks road ridiculous hot shooting starts from Kidd and JR Smith to jump out to a bunch of huge wins. They also played Melo in his superior PF spot. They will have no Kidd this year. They will not play Melo in PF because they now have Stat and Bargnani to get into the PF slot. If they bench Chandler to play Bargs, then they are shooting themselves in the foot.
Obviously Celtics drop out of playoffs. And then I guess the Cavs, Atlanta and the Bucks fight it out for the 8th spot.

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They will have hard time reaching the 8th spot even without any major injuries, so for me 5th place is out of the question. Top five teams from '13 season will be the same but in different order. I wouldn't be surprised if Nets win the Regular season with Miami and Chicago 2nd and 3rd respectivily. I can see Cleveland manage to grab the 6th spot. Atlanta and Detroit should be able to get the last two seeds.
Don't get me wrong I like the Wizards and I like John Wall - he's hell of a player but Otto Porter isn't ready to be their starting 3 and as someone above me said Nene & Emeka will not be able to guard stretch 4s. Good luck anyway, it should be a very exciting season :))

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