WizardofOz's thoughts on the Nuggets-Nets trade rumor

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WizardofOz's thoughts on the Nuggets-Nets trade rumor

A few days ago, I posted a topic that stated that the Nets are the frontrunners to land Carmelo. I also posted the potential trade offer, and it looked like this.

Nuggets receive:

Derrick Favors

Kris Humphries

Troy Murphy

At least 1 future 1st round pick

Nets receive:

Carmelo Anthony

I said that the Nets should not do that trade, but since then, I have changed my mind. The Nets would be foolish not do do this trade, and the Nuggets WOULD be foolish to accept it.

I'm not sold on Favors becoming this CAN'T MISS, future star big man. Weren't people saying during the draft that he had a high chance of becoming a bust? I know that big men these days don't grow on trees, but superstars don't grow on trees either.

And you don't know what year that/those pick/s will be in. Hey, by the time that year comes, the Nets might be relavant again, so the pick would be low and would probably be meaningless. For the Nuggets, trading Carmelo for a rookie big that hasn't proven himself, a few expiring contracts, and at least 1 future 1st round draft pick.

For the Nets, this would be a great trade. You're getting a top 10, and in some peoples minds, a top 5 player in the league. If the Nets do this trade, they will still maintain most of their young studs and Melo would be the player that pushes them over the top. As their young players grow older and develop, the Nets can become a championship contender in a few years. The Nets should pull te trigger on this trade.

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I agree except on the Nuggets

I agree except on the Nuggets part

I think If I'm the Nuggs and I do that deal, I'm only renting Murphy and looking to make him near the trade deadline.

I think you can get a 1st rounder for Murphy

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I don't like Murphy being a

I don't like Murphy being a part of this deal. If I'm the Nets I'm keeping Murphy to play power forward alongside Melo and Lopez. Murphy is very underrated and will be a perfect compliment to Melo and Lopez because he provides not only rebounding but floor spacing. He can shoot the 3 ball very well. He is good for 17 and 11 but on a team with Melo and Lopez he would probably average around 14.5 shooting a very efficient rate. Who I'm not sold on Is Devin Harris. He had one good year where he shot 41% and averaged 21 a game on the worse team in the league. I'm not impressed. I would trade Favors and Harris, and I would take it if I were the Nuggets.






Will get you atleast a 5th seed in the East. Not only that keeping Murphy and Lopez give you enough size to match up with the Celtics.

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good deal

good deal for nets...f you can get a top 5 player in the nba dont pass on that move...harris,melo,lopez is in no way a bad big 3........nets jump right into the mix in eastern conf with this move

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so ur sayin to trade harris????????? wtf... u think farmar can handle playing the pg as a started on a play-off team ?? nope... harris is a good young pg no way u trade him as well... but the original idea is good.... maybe try and keep murphy because he will compliment the team very well as they need to have good spacing on the floor... maybe take out murphy and put in t-will?? i actually think that lee is a decent role-player and could play well having melo, harris and lopez as he did when he was just a role player on the magic... good open shooter and defender

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Troy Murphy

In order to get Melo and his 16 million dollar contract, New Jersey has to include approximately 13 million minimum salary back. Since young players are so cheap they need to include either Murphy Harris or Outlaw to start to try and make up the numbers.

Favours should be untouchable. He hasn't even played a game yet. He's a 6'11 19 year old with insane hops and a high bball IQ. that all the NJ guys seem to like. which indicates that he has the work ethic to hang around the practice facility all summer. this guy is going to make it.

Twill However is a different story.

the nets should Offer Murphy, humphries and Williams, with 2 first rounders and 3 million. if they need to sweeten the deal include Travis Outlaw and JR Smith. the nuggets lose a headache and still contend.

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