Winners/Losers of draft day BLOCKBUSTER

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Winners/Losers of draft day BLOCKBUSTER

Assuming Cavs take Barnes + Knight with their first two picks, I think this proposal is good for the other 4 worst teams. The way it works out Irving and Williams go to Toronto, Perry Jones goes to Minnesota and Kanter goes to Washington, with Sacs 1st going to TO. Obviously this trade is very complex and unlikely, but my interest isn't whether or not it's plausible but which teams will be better/worse off if it were to happen.

Projected Rotations:


PG - Irving/Flynn

SG - Derozan/Weems

SF - Williams/Johnson/Kleiza

PF - Bargnani/Davis

C - Dalembert/Evans


PG - Calderon/Rubio

SG - Ellington/Bayless

SF - Webster/Jones/Hayward

PF - Love/Randolph

C - McGee/Darko


PG - Ridnour/Thornton

SG - Evans/Garcia

SF - Beasley/Casspi/Green

PF - Cousins/Lewis

C - Thompson/Pekovic/Whiteside


PG - Wall/Udrih

SG - Nick Young/Crawford

SF - Wes Johnson/Evans

PF - Amir Johnson/Blatche/Seraphin

C - Enes Kanter/Tolliver/Booker

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Let me get this straight the Raps get rid of Calderon, Bayless and Amir and they get Irving, Williams, Flynn and Dalembert

Um yes Please!

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- Raps win big in draft and let Barg switch to PF

- Wolves find perfect mentor for Rubio and shore up their PG issues while adding a defensive 5 to play next to Love

- Wizards dump Lewis's toxic contract and add depth at almost every position

- Kings get giant talent in Beasley to form a fearsome trio with Cousins/Evans for the future and add a true PG

So folks who wins and who loses? Minnesota and Wash also have mid 1sts that could move to even things out if necessary.

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i agree sort of with the post above.

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calderon, webster, ellington,

calderon, webster, ellington, love and mcgee...that lineup sucks man i would hate that trade for all t'wolves fans

i'm jus so offended
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poop on you elevation, not

poop on you elevation, not going to happen

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Kings aint getting Ridnour.

Kings aint getting Ridnour. They want a young point guard who is a good passer. I think it will be either Irving or Kemba in this year's draft.

Raps want to trade Bargnani and build around Derozan and Davis in case you haven't heard.

The rest isn't too bad, but aint gonna happen.

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This is technically

This is technically impossible. Samuel Dalembert will be an UFA and he cannot be included in any trades.

Why would the Kings take on Lewis' horrific contract? The TWolves got the worst end of the deal. Even Kahn wouldn't do that (actually I think Kahn did an ok job in signing, trading, his mistakes were mostly done in the draft).

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People really need to stop

People really need to stop posting their "amazing" trade ideas.

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