Winners of the lockout

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Winners of the lockout

College basketball, this was already expected to be one hell of a college basketball season now with a year long lockout there will be even more attention put on college basketball. Expect increased coverage and an amazing season.

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College Basketball was still

College Basketball was still going to be interesting rather or not there was a nba season..Becuz All of the Elite Teams like Kentucky,UNC,UCLA,U Conn,Duke and Syracuse are expected to have great teams and loaded with nba prospects..

But the NBA will still be missed,not even College Basketball can replace IT...

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You bring up a good point,

You bring up a good point, college basketball will be watched a lot more and will have really high ratings...but truthfully there is no winner. We are going to miss valuable time for a game we all love at the highest level, college is fun, but the NBA is filled professionals who play the game for a living and has a solid fan base that is going to miss out on a lot of games we should be able to watch.

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I've never been this hyped

I've never been this hyped for college before, but the sheer number of lottery calibre prospects this season means most games I watch are going to have someone I want to see play. Dead keen, even if it can't replace the NBA.

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Nah, college basketball is still boring.

Plus, the lockout will end soon just give it time.

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a little too optimistic in

a little too optimistic in saying the lockout will end soon.... I've been saying it for weeks but this will hurt basketball in the united states and especially the nba but it could really help the sport of basketball around the world.. with so many nba players going overseas spurring up excitement for the game in other areas of the world this could really increase it's popularity.. Europe could to be ecstatic, they may have tremendous leverage to convince nba caliber players to come over and especially convince local talent to stay around for years following this debacle...

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Personally I wonder as we get

Personally I wonder as we get near to pre-season will the owners perhaps have to make the first move as if the big TV contracts cannot be honoured then the networks will start getting jumpy and how many win now teams would want a potential whole season lockout. For an ageing team then a shorter season would be great but for teams like the Celtics, Boston, Spurs, Lakers, Orlando, Heat, Chicago and Knicks who are what I would call win now teams then to use a year of their current roster would be a big blow. I did not include Dallas as they won last season but Cuban would surely love them to try and repeat.

Also David Stern in his last years as Commissioner would surely not want a lockout legacy and FA players may pressure their Union to do a deal as they will not be earning in a lockout. I do wonder with all due respect to David West, Tyson Chandler and co whether a lockout would have been resolved much quicker if it had been a franchise level FA market like last year and next year potentially.

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