"WINGS" by Macklemore - A music video worth watching

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"WINGS" by Macklemore - A music video worth watching

Came across this video not to long ago and I'll admit, I never heard of the rapper. But man, this guys message is so deep and I think a lot of us can relate to the song especially if you're in a rough area. Very creative idea, lyrics, and music video. Worth watching

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saw this on

saw this on this morning. great song and better video

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Cool track. Here is

Cool track. Here is one my brother shot. He is a cinematographer and shoots movies and videos. This guy is some LA rapper named Sahtyre. Cool video, decent track.

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Macklemore is actually a

Macklemore is actually a pretty genius emcee, I've been listening to a lot of him the past few months and his lyrics are clever and deep. It's not like a lot of the mainstream crap that comes out today *cough Soulja Boy, Waka Flaka cough* You all should listen to his My Language album, really good stuff.

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These sneaker heads need to

These sneaker heads need to stop rapping, and im white but i just cant stand to watch white ppl rap it just seams weird unless its oldschool eminem.

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honestly im from seattle so i

honestly im from seattle so i get enough macklemore to last me but i honestly dont like his stuff...i hate his flow for some reason...i actually like mac miller a lot (hes from pittsburgh) and his stuff is catchy.

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OMARtheLEGEND C'mon, there


C'mon, there are plenty great rappers, Atmosphere for instance is IMO one of the best out there.

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^Think you mean Slug Anton

Slug is also part Native American (and I think half black as well), and I think some other things. None the less, he is awesome. Here are a list of some more awesome white rappers (whose names aren't Eminem):

  • Vinnie Paz
  • Ill Bill/Non Phixion
  • Slaine
  • MC Serch
  • Necro
  • RA the Rugged Man
  • Nick Javas (He is ok with Preme, he is ok with me)
  • Joe Scudda
  • The Beastie Boys
  • Yellawolf
  • Celph Titled

I am sure I am leaving some really good ones out, but all of those guys are rad. I have to say that I was not a huge fan of Macklemore's flow either (or the track really), but I like the message and that he was socially conscious. I would definitely give him more of a listen, just was not really my cup of tea as a song. One guy I intentionally left out is one of my favorite MC's out there, and I think his flow is off the chain. It was said way back when that he might be the next Nas, and while he has never become main stream, his new album is dropping August 23rd. His first single is produced by Evidence of Dilated Peoples, and it is definitely sick:

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You forgot TJ fredette! haha jk

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