Win-Win-WIn Trade Idea that will never happen

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Win-Win-WIn Trade Idea that will never happen

Dwight for Lebron

It's crazy

It's ridiculous

It's impossible

But it works

Before I begin, I will make it clear that I am 100% sure that this trade will never happen, but I'll give you several reasons for why it is a Win-Win-Win situation. For one, this would be the biggest trade of all time. Not in the NBA, not in American Sports, but as far as history will go, this would be the biggest blockbuster EVER. The two most dominant players in the game switching teams, and their in the same state? Now the Magic would take this trade easily for obvious reasons. They get the best player in the NBA for their Soon-To-Leave Superstar, and the chance to build around him for three years, and still be a contender at the same time. Now for the reasons the Heat make it, It's because Dwight fits Bosh and Wade perfectly. You have Wade on the wing doing his thing, Bosh onthe HIGH post for turnarounds and midrange shots, and Dwight getting boards inside, cleaning up missed shots, and hopefully fisplaying his improve LOW postgame. The reason I emphasize the word low and high, is to get the point across that Bosh and Howard would be able to coexist easily. They score in different ways in different places. If anything, It'll allow Bosh and Wade to be more aggresive on D knowing Dwight in behind them. They would be excellent in all aspects of the game. The reason a Lebron Wade combo creates logistical issues is because they both score in the same way in the same places, and have yet to find a way to feed off each other(If they do, they'll be unstopable). The Wade-Bosh-Howard combo would be great because you get d, and other players have th freedom to be more aggresive, and now you get Howard to clean up the mess and the boards, and you have a legit offensive threat, even if his post game hasn't been further refined. This would allow Bosh to play his game even easier, so the Heat would be much more sound chemistry wise.

And last but not least, the NBA would get so much publicity, and good publicity. The two greatest stars switching teams............with each other? Think of how many more Jerseys they would sell, considering James and Howard jerseys are already popular. Ticket sales wouldn't be too dramatically affected, cause the Magic and Heat already sell out. But think of how many more casual fans would be attracted, and how much media attention this would get, and all the buzz and hype.

Again, It probably won't happen, but It would be a Win-Win-Win situation for all parties involved, and the fans win too.

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dont agree

I know it wont happen and I know why Miami would do it, but I don't think orlando improves that much after this trade.. Yes, they get Lebron, but the Magic were built around Dwight, they surrounded him with shooters. Plus there is no longer a center on the roster. The Magic would start a lineup of Nelson, J-Rich, Lebron, Turkoglu, and Big Baby.. That's the best lineup they have.. I do not call that a contender, sorry.. Win-Win-Lose.

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dmo21-would you rather lose

dmo21-would you rather lose your superstar for nothing or have the best player in the NBA?Im guessing the second option so that would be a win-win-win but not for LeBron ......

That trade would be totally suck for LeBron because he had the decision to play with Griffin on the Clips ,Rose on the Chicago or even be the King of sports in New York with Amare and had a plan to get CP3 but he decided to go with Wade and Bosh in Miami and make everyone hate him .So if he went to Orlando with no one that would be giving LeBron the middle finger

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I know Lebron is 1 of the 2

I know Lebron is 1 of the 2 best players in the league and Dwight might be in the top 5 or 6...But it seems to me that Lebron and Dwight Howard are the only 2 players in the league,that if you put them on any team in the league that team will be consistently in the Conference finals...And might make the finals....

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i'd rather see lebron play

i'd rather see lebron play with dwight. swap chris bosh for howard and that would definitely lead to a many championships..

but bosh spice isn't going to leave miami any time soon

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