wilt the stilt is the greatest player of all-times

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wilt the stilt is the greatest player of all-times

I always remember when he said the they changed the rules to make it easier for him (MJ), but they changed the rules to make it harder for me and its true. Most people are either to young (am not in my30 yet) or just don't know the greatest of this man. They said all he did was score on the offensive game so what does he do he just leads the league the next season during the 1967-68 season when he dished out 702 assists for the for 76ers, so Magic was not the tallest player to do this at 6'9 Walt was 7'1. Most people think Shaq was the strongest player in NBA history it's not even close just go see on Youtube what Arnold schwarzenegger and soooooo many more has to say. His jumping at his prime was not that much off of MJ (I KNOW THAT CRAZY BUT ITS TRUE) youtube him in Kansas where he blacks a shot as he goes to the top of the backboard, if you do the math that a little over 40 taking in to count his height and wingspan. His speed and fluidity was unreal in Kansas were he would get a rebound take it up full speed go behind his back (FOR SOME I CAN'T IMAGE HOWARD DO THIS) and this is the late 50's. . He also ran a 10.8 100 meter dash (which translates to roughly a 4.4 40 yard dash). He shot putted 56 feet and triple jumped more than 50 feet as a collegiate track star. This guy played basketball as a center but he moved on the court like a guard due to his pure athleticism. I don't care too much for Bill Russell the greatest of all times has to be a man of all times can you see bill play right now yea I can his name is Ben Wallace with maaaaaaaaaybe a lil more O. Walt the Stilt THE GREASTEST OF ALL TIMES IF NO ONES WITH THAT ITS OK JUST SHOWING LOVE TO THE GREATS JUST LIKE THE OTHER MJ D RIDERS.



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