Willie Warren has had enough of professional basketball

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Willie Warren has had enough of professional basketball

From his twitter today:

"ive came to the point where I jus wanna go to school and live a normal life..this must not b for me cause this is ridic...cant take it."

All I can say is wow. Talk about a meltdown. I guess he can't handle what he is... a d-league player. I don't have a lot of hope for him being more than that. He should've come out with Blake... probably would've been a lotto pick. At least he would've gotten more cash.

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dude i think he could crack

dude i think he could crack the rotation of the clippers atleast.. but wow..

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Good thing he didn't come

Good thing he didn't come out. Would have hurt someone's franchise.

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I think

Willie is still upset that he didn't leave after his freshman year. Going back to school, cost him millions.

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To bad so sad

he didn't do nothing this year and this should teach some player not to leave school early if they dont know if they are a first round pick or if they are going to get some playing time

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Clippers never gave him a

Clippers never gave him a chance at all. Eric Bledsoe has been incosisntant, Eric Gordon has been injured, yet Warren can't even get some playing time. I hope he doesn't totally give up on basketball because he's a talented guard, he just hasnt been given a fair shot/chance.

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Sounds like he gonna be the

Sounds like he gonna be the Eric Crouch of the NBA

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He probably has not shown

He probably has not shown enough in practice to warrent playing time. Players don't just get put in to games just because , or because they think its fair to get put in a game they have to earn it and i guess he hasn't earned

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He was doing so well in the

He was doing so well in the D-League.

  • 21ppg
  • 7apg
  • 5rpg
  • 50% FG, 46% 3PT, 78% FT

Not to mention he went (5-1) in the DLeague.

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He cant handle being on the

He cant handle being on the road, not being given any time to do him. Warren is an exceptional talent and in the right system could become quite the role player, yet the lifestyle obviously is not for him. Still a job is a job and there are many more jobs he isnt going to like if he doesnt like this one.

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@mess.eee Bledsoe has been


Bledsoe has been consistent, but Warren just isn't as good as Bledsoe is.

Warren put up great numbers in the D-League, but I just don't think he's good. The coach doesn't trust him and rightfully so... He doesn't make good decisions with the ball. He doesn't make the right passes and he dribbles too much. His vision is suspect (He played with Griffin in college and still has no chemistry with him). He doesn't finish well around the basket either.

I'm just not too impressed with him. He has a lot of work to do before he's a NBA role player.

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I dont know about many more

I dont know about many more jobs he'll like more than this one, if playing a game with no job security isnt for him than a reg 9-5 with a consistant place to work may be right for him. And theres nothing wrong with wanting to go back to school.

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Hey mess.eee, Eric Bledsoe

Hey mess.eee,

Eric Bledsoe may be inconsistent and out of control sometimes, but he's definitely a higher quality player than Willie Warren. At the NBA level, he doesn't really show anything to warrant him being on the floor. He's not a playmaker, he's not a particularly good shooter, he's not faster or more athletic than anyone on the floor, and for these reasons Bledsoe is rightfully preferred.

He could be a nice role player down the line, but for now, he should just be playing day in and day out in the D-League. Maybe next season, or once the Clippers record predicatbly sinks, he could get some more minutes in the NBA. At this stage, and in previous stages though, there was absolutely no room to "give a chance" to Warren.

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Willie Warren

I'm not going to knock a man/woman who decides that the sport they participate in isn't for them anymore. If they are burnt out, or the travel on the road is exhausting for them mentally and physically, or they miss their family and want a normal life, I respect that.

However, Willie's rant is most likely grounded in "I'm throwing a tantrum because I'm traveling with this sucky team and not playing waaaa!" and just overall, very immature. He needs to realize he's a rookie, and there are other guys ahead of him on the depth chart. Instead of sulking, fight hard and play well in practice, and give Del Negro a reason to insert you into games. But, as we've seen several times with Willie, he doesn't make good decisions and he's not always got his head on straight, so that's probably expecting too much. A lot of rookies in all sports come in with a sense of entitlement and a real ego of them, not truly realizing that they really haven't made it big time just because they happen to be drafted or are recognized by some fans. Takes more than that to be a great player, some people never get it.

And based on what I've seen of Willie on the NBA court this season, he doesn't really deserve much PT, especially given the Clippers, when healthy, have good depth at the guard spot. He needs to develop and continue to grow as a player, at the D-League where he can get consistent minutes.

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Staying in school killed this kid

Destroyed his stock. If you play along a beast come out if they say 1st round. When the beast goes and the team underachieves you will get the blame. Thought he would be better.

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