william buford

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william buford

career high tonight. been under rated since the beginning of the season. great off the dribble shooter.

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He will be a solid pro,I think he will be a steal

He's long and he can shoot and defend two positions, if he commits to playing defense and hitting the 3 he could land in a very nice spot in the NBA... I think he's been inconsistent at times and overshadowed by Jared Sullinger and Desean Thomas at times, he also hits big shots and can become a role player very early on and hits shots at an efficient rate

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I thought he would go as a

I thought he would go as a freshman..

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I did too

But then I started to think that his shooting was too streaky...and got cold to him. Honestly I have watched one Ohio St. game this year so I dunno if anything has changed.. Def should be drafted though has a lot of value for a 2nd rounder...

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Hes going to be great no

Hes going to be great no matter where he goes..hell score for anyone and he can do it efficiently. Very nice jumper

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