Will we see Billy Preston play in college?

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Will we see Billy Preston play in college?

Any Kansas guys here? I'm trying to make sense of what's happening with Billy Preston. I know he has had question marks since his time at Prime Prep (with Trevon Duval) but I thought everything got cleared up by the time he attended Oak Hill. Will he ever play a game at Kansas? What's the status of Silvio De Souza, heard he may be able to join second semester if he passes some standardized test.

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KU has a history now of big time recruits having problems off the court (Chiek Diallo, Cliff Alexander and now Billy Preston). In each situation Self has been overly cautious. If there is even a slight chance the NCAA will take back the wins KU you gets because of a player, Self will just bench them first.

I think this keeps the NCAA on his good side since he doesn't force their hand on any disciplinary issues (which the NCAA has proven they suck at handling quickly and fairly).

KU should of figured out where the car came from by now and who paid for it. The longer this drags on, the more convinced I am that the car was an "improper benefit to a student athlete." Self won't put Billy on the floor until he is 100% sure the NCAA is done looking into the player.

I really hope Silvio can come at semester. That gives them Cunliffe and Silvio to help at the forward spots. During the KU vs Cuse game they had to play a walk on guard at PF! Silvio on pure talent is a better option than that! You can't win a championship being that thin up front, IDC what your ranking is. We can win the B12 like that, but not march madness.

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Bill Self has a history of

Bill Self has a history of not playing rookies.. esp bigs

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