Will Tyson Chandler's Comments about Certain Teammates Cause Friction on the Knicks?

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Will Tyson Chandler's Comments about Certain Teammates Cause Friction on the Knicks?

In an interview with Dime Magazine after sunday's practice,New York 's center Tyson Chandler said the team is playing selfish....Tyson said,''there are guys that are trying to win games by themselves''..Was he talking about Carmelo Anthony and JR Smith,the team volume shooters?

He also said the team lacks a ''Great Player''.....Was that aimed at Carmelo Anthony? Tyson said he viewed tapes of their games and saw where teammates where wide open,but they failed to get them the ball....

I'm Not taking up for Melo or JR but there aren't many players on that Knicks team that can create their own shot...Amare has been hurt..Jason Kidd hasn't scored in a month...Shumpert was 3-10 in Game 3..

*****Funny that Chandler is now speaking out and pointing fingers after Roy Hibbert Manhandled him scoring a playoff high 24 points/12 rbs...I think all of the Knicks need to make adjustments to their games...

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Exactly, I understand where

Exactly, I understand where Tyson is coming from, but it's not like he's impressing anyone this series. You could even argue he's getting outplayed by his backup Kenyon Martin at this point. All year the Knicks have relied on Melo and Smith's scoring; The only difference now is defenses get a little tighter in the playoffs. That alone is frustrating, but I think a lot of it has to do with this teams failed expectations. Lets face it, the Knicks aren't world beaters by any means, and they get older every year.

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I think Tyson Chandler needs

I think Tyson Chandler needs to look in the mirror, his production really slipped in this post-season. He should be stepping it up in the playoffs, not pointing fingers at his teammates. Although, I can't say I don't agree. Melo should be finding open players when he gets in a funk instead of chucking. And JR hasn't been 6th Man of the Year since he got kicked out of game 3 in the Boston series. IMO opinion Woodson needs to step in and set the record straight. They're straying from the winning strategies that made them 2nd in the EC, and he's the only one who can steer them back on course.

I will say that K-Mart has been a pleasant spark off the bench.

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I believe Jason Kidd said

I believe Jason Kidd said something along the lines of "when we play together we are hard to beat, but when we try to win games by our selves we are a bottom team." Not exact quote but it was something like that. Maybe the other plauers are getting a little tiredof the ball stopping when it gets to carmelo an jr.

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i dont think his comments were really need. They are who they are. They live and die by the jump shot. When they're on, they win. When they're off, they lose. Anybody who expected different from them, hasnt been watching them this season. One of the problems with game 3 was the fact that no one was on. Usually someone steps up. Shump and Felton have been stepping up throughout the slump of JR Smith but when they're off plus JR and Melo, the game is going to be ugly for them.

Back to Tyson Chandler... He really shouldnt've made those comments. The loss was HIS FAULT. Maybe he was frustrated with himself when he made the comments. But he was terrible, I said the same thing in a post after game 1, Chandler has to outplay Hibbert. Hibbert dominated him. It was an awful effort by Chandler. Hibbert had 24 and 12! He's not even a top 5 Center. Tyson Chandler, whose job is to rebound, had only 5 for an entire game.

For me, thats where the game was decided, at the Center position. If Chandler cant outEFFORT Hibbert, then something's wrong.

By the way, Carmelo was the only Knicks player in double digits. He deserved to take more than 16 shots that game.

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re: 'creating your own shot'

There was a time when the Knicks were a deadly 3 point shooting team that shared the ball and didn't always need someone to create their own shot - they used to move the ball. There are guys on this team that understand that helps them and those who don't.

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The Knicks have used a large

The Knicks have used a large rotation of players around a core of Melo, Chandler and Felton as default starters and J.R Smith as a spark from the bench. But perhaps a bit like Oklahoma they can struggle on the occasions that their key scorers get shut down and their defence isn't as strong as usual.

With STAT having been injured a lot this season the scoring has fell heavily on Melo supported by J.R Smith and Felton whilst everyone else chips in. As regards Tyson Chandler, he needs to keep the Pacers frontcourt quiet if the Knicks are to win the series as the Pacers are a collective scoring team and will exploit weaknesses in the Knicks system.

If anyone thought the Knicks would win this series easily then they were mistaken, the Pacers had a very strong 2nd half to the season and as 3rd seeds and divisonal champions are a tough nut to crack. Also I do wonder if the Knicks older players may be feeling their age after a long season but Coach Woodson can switch his roster around and look at certain match ups plus the Knivks have veteran leaders like Kidd and K-Mart who will drive on the star players and younger guys.

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He's right. Carmelo Anthony

He's right.

Carmelo Anthony has 5 assists in 3 games lol. He's got 16 assists the entire playoffs. That's an average of 1.8 per game. Then throw in the fact he's only shooting 39% in the playoffs. Pathetic.

JR Smith is even worse. He has 3 assists this series. He's got 10 during the post season. That's an average of 1.3 per game. He's shooting 33.9%. It's looking like they gave the 6th Man of the Year Award to the wrong guy... Should've gone to Jarrett Jack.

Tyson Chandler may be getting beaten like he's stole something by Roy Hibbert, BUT he's right. That's some selfish ass basketball. They need to move the damn ball.

But as a Pacers fan, I hope they keep playing this way. IF they do, the Pacers will have a chance to close this series out in NY.

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As a Knicks fan, its pains me

As a Knicks fan, its pains me to say your exactly right Indiana, but, you know. Kidd was right when he said the Knicks are hard to beat when they move the ball, but this offense is so old and stagnant it should be checked for mold. On the bright side for the Knicks, Shump is showing he can be a really, REALLY good player in this league.

I hope the series goes seven. And hope Indiana and New York can spark up the rivalry from the 90's again.

And I pray to whatever Heavenly Spirit that cares (the Ghost of Red Holzman?) that the Knicks win.

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Carmelo in the playoffs has

Carmelo in the playoffs has averaged 23.3 FGA and only 1.6 assists per game shooting 39%

JR Smith has averaged 14.4FGA and only 1.3 assists shooting on 34%.

I have said it before but Carmelo will NEVER EVER win a championship all the time he is a selfish ball hog. He needs to distribute more and stop looking at scoring titles. He needs to be a 20-5-5 guy

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Amares just being quite in

Amares just being quite in the back like

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