Will Tyler Hansbrough be able to put up numbers he put up in college.

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Will Tyler Hansbrough be able to put up numbers he put up in college.

No way he will be able to i think he could even be a bust.

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I don't think he'll be a

I don't think he'll be a bust, he's got a lot of heart and hustle in his game. But he will not put up the numbers he did in college. I like him going to the Jazz that will fit him perfectly.

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maybe 11 points 4 rebounds

maybe 11 points 4 rebounds in a good year, maybe better if he can work on his shooting skills, since he does have the ability but hes been inside his whole career

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he is not the nba type he is

he is not the nba type he is 6 foot 8 and he is not athletic enough to play taller than he is he is to small for the nba 6 foot 8 is the size of a small forward or a under sized power foward. he will be a bust

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Actually tjc23 you're wrong. Hansbrough measured out nearly identical to Blake Griffin in height and athleticism drills. I'm not saying that he's going to be as good as Blake Griffin, but I don't think he's going to be a bust. the guy is too good a player, has a ton of heart, ALWAYS busts his a$$ out on the court and he knows the game too well. 4 year player out of one of the top programs in college bball. he's going to find a place in the NBA. it's all about the expectations that people put on him, which I don't think will be too high.

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He will have a solid but not

He will have a solid but not spectacular career. He certainly won't have numbers he had in college, but I think for his career he will be 12 ppg and 5 boards.

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No he will not put up those numbers. No he won't be a bust, he will get drafted where he should and be what teams expect him to be.

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his stats will be 6-13pts

his stats will be 6-13pts 4-8rbds .5-1.5blks somewhere around there but not near his North Carolina stats.

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I see

him getting more rebounds than 4, maybe like 7-8 a game but i agree with the ppg

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no way

There is no way he will put up his college numbers. i think he culd be a bench player for some teams because of his hustle.. but i dont think he is nearly athletic enough for the nba game.

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Tkd720Man on T. Hansbrough

Tkd720Man wrote one of the best assessment's of Tyler Hansbrough that I've seen on this website. I'm quoting most of what he said below, I hope he doesn't mind.

Half of the lottery picks who are brimming with "potential" right now will end up washing out in 4-5 years. They'll never average more than 6 points and 4 boards, but on any given night you'll have no idea what they're going to put up - and the GMs drafting them next month are clueless as to who those guys are.

But they do know exactly what Hansbrough is gonna give them - he's going to give them 20min, 12 points, 5 boards, won't be out with injuries, draws fouls on opposing big men, and hits 85% FT - he's going to do it every night for 8-10 years, will never cause trouble, and will play for a fraction of the cost of those lottery picks who will wash out.

For any GM that already has a core of stars and is looking to build around them with quality, reliable role-players, he could be the most valuable asset in the entire draft.

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not a bust

but a solid role player, bringing hard work and a winning attitude every night.

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12.7ppg, 7.6rpg = tyler

12.7ppg, 7.6rpg = tyler hansbrough's NBA #'s.

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College Numbers

No way does Hansbrough come close to his college numbers. Not a knock on him but not many of the draftees would be able to produce Hansbrough's college stats at the NBA level. As a mid first round pick, expected numbers there would be 8-10 pts, maybe 5 rebs in about 20 mpg for his career.

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Udonis Haslem numbers at

Udonis Haslem numbers at best.

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