Will there be any One-and-Done's this year?

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Will there be any One-and-Done's this year?

With the very real possibility of a lockout next year, could it be possible that there could be no one-and-done players after this season? If so, how would that affect the draft? This years crop of seniors is really underwhelming...Kyle Singler for #1!!! Lmao

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There will be plenty of guys

There will be plenty of guys leaving early regardless of what happens with a lockout. If they dont theyll be in the same draft class as guys like Austin Rivers, Q Miller and Gilchrist. That would be a loaded draft in 12, those guys along with the Joneses Barnes and Irving

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The Dukies

Irving and Rivers in the backcourt sounds SCARRRRYYYYYYY

but it wont happen. NBA will play in 11/12. Football i cant say the same for.

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The draft still takes place

The draft still takes place before the CBA expires. The point of contention in these negotiations is unlikely to be the rookie salary system (which is very strong), so the players will still likely get paid. If a complete season lockout happens, it's likely they'll freeze their selection spot and get paid after the negotiations are done.

Also I'm pretty sure if you're a top 10 draft pick... IOUs are probably going to be worth at least face value.

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