Will Royce White be there for Boston?

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Will Royce White be there for Boston?

As a Nuggets fan, I've been keeping up closely with NBA draft prospects that the Nuggets are interested in. The top player on the Nuggets list is Royce White, the combo-forward from Iowa State.

Last season, Kenneth Faried was #1 on the Nuggets list of prospects, and he fell into their laps last season. This year, Royce White is their top choice for their 20th overall pick, which is one pick ahead of the Boston Celtics.

So, will the Nuggets select Royce White and have Boston look elsewhere, or will they pass on White, knowing he has a promise with the very next pick and be generous to Boston. The third option, they could swap picks with Boston and collect Boston's late second round pick.

It's just a little interesting to see what happens here, because Boston has made their promise to Royce White and Denver is extremely high on him, and own the pick before Boston. I guess we will just wait and see.

Any thoughts on this occasion?

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i know that white is a unique

i know that white is a unique and very talented player but i dont know if the Celtics need a ball handling combo forward. i mean, the ball is on Rondo's hands most of the time. if garnett retires, we need to keep both picks, and draft a scoring big man like nicholson and a defensive minded SF like moe harkless. that would be a good start for the re-building era of the celtics.

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I think Royce White is a very

I think Royce White is a very poor fit for the Celtics. White is superbly talented with the ball in his hands, but is a flawed player when it isn't. The Celtics don't need a point forward and White's lack of shooting ability would really clog the floor. I don't think he could play effectively with Rondo.

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Perry Jones

Harkless would be better fits. Terance Jones would be a good fit. Major steal in the 20's.

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I think Royce is a much

I think Royce is a much better suited 4 than 3, and I believe he will be gone before even the Nuggets are on the clock... Boston may have gave him a promise, but it just doesn't always work that way...

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I agree that Royce is a poor

I agree that Royce is a poor fit for the Celts and actually even the Nuggets, they have Gally that can play 3 and 4 and Harrington is the same can play 3 and 4 and they have Faried at the 4. Even if they trade Harrington or amnesty him they would still have Gally, Faried, and White plus Brewer and even Hamilton all needing time at the forward spots that is too much of a traffic jam. I think it is some team that is just hell bent on shooting themselves in the foot like the Twolves.

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