Will Ricky Rubio ever develop an offensive game?

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Will Ricky Rubio ever develop an offensive game?

Aside from nifty pick and roll passing, threading the occasional needle with a crafty bounce pass between the legs of defenders, and hitting the very, VERY rare 3 pointer late in the shot clock, Ricky Rubio just isn't able to score the ball.

He frustrates the broadcasters (you can tell because they comment on his lack of offense on a consistent basis), the fans, and the unbiased basketball follower (me).

Ricky Rubio was always known for his Pete Maravich look...but Ricky's career averages of 10.4 points on 35% shooting would indicate the hair-do is the only thing he shares with Pistol Pete.

Ricky Rubio simply can not shoot, he can't really score, and this mars the fact that he's one of the best game managers in the NBA.

He's also a phenomenal passer, a smart decision-maker, an incredibly active and underrated on-ball defender, and from the looks of it - a great teammate.

But Ricky can't shoot the ball and his offense will probably never show up. He might never average more than 11 points per game.

Sure Steve Nash was never the rainman of scorers but at least he shot the ball at an efficient clip. Hell, Ricky shoots at a piss poor rate. His first 5 games have proven that his offense has regressed as he's currently making shots at a 28% rate.

Minnesota doesn't necessarily need him to score but having a reliable remnants of an offensive repertoire would never hurt.

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Rubio needs to be able to

Rubio needs to be able to shoot around 35% from 3 and be able to finish around the basket so that he wot be such a liability, rondo can't shoot but can finish around the basket really well, so he is still able to score a little bit which is all rubio needs to be able to do

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Yea his shot is broken and it

Yea his shot is broken and it has not improved. He should probably shoot less and just focus on just passing until he can develop a respectable jumper.

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Rubio's Future with Minnesota

He has a lot to improve offensively and defensively, where he may get steals but needs better on-ball defense, however I can't imagine a situation where Minnesota dumps him within 3 years. He has a very long leash and I think that management is happy with him being one of the best distributors in the game. For the next three years Minnesota is over the cap so he better add at least a catch and shoot game. Personally I think we will never see him making jumpers off the pick and roll or creating at the end of games.

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yea lol remember that debate

yea lol remember that debate about who's more important to the wolves Kevin Love or Ricky Rubio? lol yea for sure i want that 8 and 8 guy shooting 35% over the beastly kevin love

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Yeah he can't shoot over guys

Yeah he can't shoot over guys but he can create a shot. This isn't an issue of whether or not he can score. He can, he just can't knock down the jumpers. He picks and chooses his spots, he makes his little moves under the basket, he keeps the defense honest. And I'm perfectly fine with that if he doesn't put up 20 points per game because we simply don't need that. If he could bump it up to 14-16 without taking away from his decision making or assist totals I'd be ecstatic, but if he doesn't, he still is a point guard every team has to account for. He's a ball hawk on defense that takes gambles to steal the ball, sure, but he's relying on his teammates (namely the other good perimeter defenders on his team) to step up for weakside help. Just because he's not shooting 45% from the field doesn't mean he's inneficient. I've been watching all their games, he's just not knocking the open shots he creates down.

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I think and hope so. He is

I think and hope so. He is really the difference between a nice team and a dangerous one. His growth may decide Kevin loves future. I think the injury stunted his growth. Everyone talks about how dangerous this offense is but it has been the two Kevin's scorching hot start, Corey brewer run outs, and an ok pek. The bench has been terrible and Rubio is about to get paid. Kevin love should kidnap him this summer for the whole summer. Who does a better job of getting better over the summer?

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I've always been a Rubio fan,

I've always been a Rubio fan, but I don't think he'll ever get a decent jumper. Everyone is talking about his shot since he'16. In 5 years, he hasn't been able to fix it. It's like Howard with free-throws, it's kind of hopeless. Not everything can be solved with hard work, unfortunately. I hope I'm wrong, though.

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I'm a Rubio fan, too.He's not

I'm a Rubio fan, too.He's not the guy you want taking the last shot (and probably never will), but he's such a great playmaker. Why would you give up on him? I'd rather see him getting easy buckets for his teammates.

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Ricky has always been a pass

Ricky has always been a pass first PG but he does need some sort of scoring range to assist his team especially a decent 3 point range which he could use when he has the ball in his hands. I've always been a huge Rubio fan from back in 2007/08 so to see him on a team that is finally looking useful is great but K-Love cannot carry the scoring as Kevin Martin's hot spell may not last and Rubio ideally needs 10 to 14ppg to back up K-Love.

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With common prejudices aside,

With common prejudices aside, I think the Pistol Pete comparison was always off base, and was only made because people that they looked alike or because of the niffty passing. Anyone who followed Rubio or watched his Olympic career knows that the better comparison for him would be Jason Kidd, who only shot .400% for his career, and that's what people should expect from him as his career progresses. He won't ever reach JKidd status, but he will stuff the stat sheet like Kidd did.

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is the closest thing to jason kidd since jason kidd.He will probably later in his career add 3pt.

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His shot is bad, plain and

His shot is bad, plain and simple. But I'd still love to have him as my PG. He might be the most skilled passer in the NBA, and he's also one of the best defenders at the PG position IMO. I think he does enough outside of scoring to make up for the fact that he really struggles to score.

Having said that, the fact that his shot has been a major problem since he was 16, and it doesn't really look like he's made any changes to his form is kind of alarming to me.

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