Will Iggy leave for more Money?

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Will Iggy leave for more Money?

Per article, he'll give serious consideration

What would you do if you were Iggy? He has two rings, might as well get one last big payday..

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The Spurs could use him. If

The Spurs could use him.

If he wants to get PAID by most of those teams then I don't think he will win.

If he wants to WIN, then he needs to either stay in Golden State or go to Cleveland, San Antonio, or Boston.

Iggy could be the difference maker on the Cavs if they want to improve their wing rotation without giving up Kevin Love.

Iggy gives them a perfect fifth guy to go with LeBron, Kyrie, Love, and TT.

Plus he takes away one of the better wing defenders, creators, and secondary outside shooters/scorers on the Warriors.

Or, just go to the Lakers then they can also bring in Paul George this year (or next) or LeBron James next year.

Iggy can be the glue guy on a NEW super team.

Other than that, I think he should look at Utah. If they keep Gordon Hayward, then he, Rodney Hood, Joe Johnson, and Iggy can be a good four man wing core...

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Would love for the Sixers to

Would love for the Sixers to bring him back. Good positive veteran presence.

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ah, you beat me to the

ah, you beat me to the comment... i would love to see ai2 back with the sixers..

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just not for 20 million a year!

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It depends on how long his

It depends on how long his contract would be.

If his contract ends by 2019 and you could target Klay and others in FA then with his contract and Bayless's off the books, then fine.

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I could see him be willing to

I could see him be willing to leave if he thinks he can get paid despite having so many health issues. and in two fold doing his teamates and the GSW brass have an easier road to retaining other key players. He is that kind of guy.

So maybe he ends up in Chicago to finish his career at home

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I predicted Iggy would go to

I predicted Iggy would go to the Warriors the season the Nuggets lost to them in the playoffs. And he did that off season. That was for a ring. I think Iggy is going to either stay with the Warriors or chase money. If the Cavs or Spurs can't offer him money, then he'll stay in Oakland.

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Me personally, I think he

Me personally, I think he will return to the sixers. They will offer him lots of money and be a good veteran and bring a winning culture to the young team.

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He is a role player now but

He is a role player now but is still a key part of the Warriors bench, however he is 33 now and the length of any new deal is key. GSW will have to pay Steph max as he was underpaid the last few years so unless they can convince KD to take less then retaining him for much more than minimum will be hard,

He has two titles so doesn't need to chase a ring as such, Spurs as said above is a great veteran's landing place and might get extra years out of Iggy. Boston could take a look - great mentor for Brown and Jackson. But the Philly homecoming is the one that jumps out to me, they can pay him a nice wage, he becomes locker room leader and does the intangibles whilst the big 3 and Saric do the scoring.

One wildcard could be T-Wolves who have cap space and Thibs does need that locker room leader and Iggy's game suits Thibs and Iggy could play 25mpg to ease burden on Wiggins and SGs.

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How much does playing time

How much does playing time and role within the team factor into his decision? He played 26 mpg in GSW, while having a do-it-all kind of role. Is he interested in scoring a bit more than he is asked to do for GSW? Does he want more minutes or a starting role? Teams offering him more money might also offer him a larger role in their team as well...

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