Will he make the cut?

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Will he make the cut?

I just heard that Kirk Penney has been invited to Spurs training camp do you think he will make it? I t would be nice to see another New Zealander in the NBA and hopefully he will see more time than Marks if he makes it.

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Never heard of him Festar can

Never heard of him Festar can you tell us about him

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If hes fighting Sean Marks

If hes fighting Sean Marks for a spot do you honestly think theres any chance he wont make it?

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He's kind of a fan favorite

He's kind of a fan favorite type guy, but I don't think he makes the roster, they drafted James Anderson, and already have Alonzo Gee and Garrett Temple on their roster. Those guys aren't great so he has a chance, but they already have 3 guys who can back up the 2 on their roster, 4 if you count George Hill.

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Penny played in the World

Penny played in the World Games..I knew someone would invite him to camp...He's a gritty player..Pop loves those guys..

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What are you talking about

What are you talking about Sean Marks is in the Wizards training camp, as for Penney I think his chances are good at making the team. Coud possibly fil that Roger Mason role but doubt he gets those minutes even if he makes the team. Penney is a sick, sick stone cold shooter. Proved at Wisconsin and in the D-league last year that he can play American style ball. Problem for him will always be his lack of athleticism and being a defensive liability guarding quicker wings.

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I remember this guy when he played at Wisconsin and I believe it was for coach Bo Ryan. He is fundamentally solid and is a very good spot up shooter. He could get his own shot in college (no easily, but he could), but not sure about the pro level. I do not recall that he was overly athletic or attempted to get to the rim much. However, a few years in Europe may have increased his mid range and driving game. Not sure Europe can do much about the athleticism though.

I think fair comparables are Matt Carroll or a shorter version of Jason Kapono.

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Will he make the cut for the Bobcats?

Javaris "tha fast gunnah" Crittenton

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J.r. Inman is working out with the Spurs

J.r. Inman from Rutgers University worked out for the Spurs. I was working out with him, and he said he got back from training with the Spurs.

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