Will Erik Spoelstra get screwed like SVG?

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Will Erik Spoelstra get screwed like SVG?

Remember when SVG said he leaving the heat to spend some more time with his family when Riley took over the coaching duties? I won't be surprise if Spoelstra suffers the same fate. I understand Riley would be the better coach but it just seems like he is stealing the spotlight for the other coaches.

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No... Both Riley and Wade

No... Both Riley and Wade have already said Erik will remain as coach.

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You know, that's also one of

You know, that's also one of the first things i thought too. I don't think it'll happen but I'm sure Riley is at least amusing himself with the idea. I think J.A. Adande said it best: "does Erik Spoelstra have a family he should be spending more time with?"

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Of course

I'm from Miami, and a Heat Fan. I would be shocked if Spoelstra is coaching come playoffs. That dude is a clown, he is just good for ra ra type stuff and getting a bad team to play hard, but he isn't ready for even playoff basketball, as he made abundantly clear the entire time he was here. Maybe someday but he is overmatched and belongs as an assistant, or coaching a young team. There is no way Wade was coming back to play for him, everybody down here knows Spoelstra is just the ass clown they got to coach waiting for 2010 FA's to put a real team together. With a real coach.

Spoelstra is a nice guy, and good at uniting, and thats why he should go coach college. His NBA experience will make him a great recruiter. But as far as his basketball abilities at the highest level, he doesnt have the goods. Stuff like his out of bounds plays in clutch situations are bad, Wade FREQUENTLY blew him off on calls because he was nervous at the end of games.

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