Will Clippers make another trade?

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Will Clippers make another trade?

They will soon have Billups, Brooks and Crawford (Bledsoe on occasion) at the SG spot. How will the minutes work? Will another trade to likely?

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Fred Kerber: Source and agent

Fred Kerber: Source and agent confirm that #Nets talking to Clippers about MarShon Brooks for first rounder as part of Howard summer spectacular Twitter, Via hoopshype.

Looks like they may add another guard..

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I like them getting Marshon Brooks

he gives them a true SG. Bledsoe and Billups obviously can play there and crawford is better as a 6man. Brooks has the size and strength to be a real 15-20 pt starter for them in a few yrs.

heres the eSPN articel if u missed it

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Billups might be used more as

Billups might be used more as a starter with few minutes and more of a coach/locker room presense. CP3 and Bledsoe can man down the 1 with Billups starting and Crawford coming off the bench first then a few minutes for Brooks. With the injury history of Billups, CP3, and Bledsoe Brooks is probably going to get enough playing time if he is traded there.

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So will they keep Travis

So will they keep Travis Leslie?

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Plus Brooks can add in at

Plus Brooks can add in at backup SF.

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Brooks is just what they need

Brooks is just what they need at the 2 spot, because Foye just wasn't big enough. And they could go small with Paul-Billups/Crawford-Brooks all on the court. I think now they need someone to replace Caron Butler, unless they want to start Brooks at the 3 with Crawford at the 2 full time

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The Clippers are trying to

The Clippers are trying to get an actual bench that can perform consistently which is what they were lacking. They also need to get Chris Paul some more help which i feel is why they have been making moves to get more players. Caron Butler is not the answer for them and at this point seems to be too injury prone

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