Will Cauley 1-and-done?

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Will Cauley 1-and-done?

imagine KD+PJ+ Willie in okc.... tallest/ lankiest front court of all times!!!

if he was in another team this thread wouldn't have been created. he plays for UK and we all know how that works... 1 and done

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Imagine Perry Jones, Kevin

Imagine Perry Jones, Kevin Durant, and Hasheem Thabeet as your starting frontcourt that would be the lengthiest frontcourt ever. Thabeet and Durant both have a 7'6 wingspan and Jones got a 7'2 wingspan. Your shortest player would be Kevin Durant and he's nearly 7 foot in sneakers.

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i like this guy

he is actually the only one of kentuckys players im a fan of. he may have struggled on defence against len tonite, but not like noel, and noel was supposed to be the dominant defender and way more highly touted recruit, and cauley-stein looked much better. i think he will have noel's job soon and noel might come off the bench if he does not pick things up. it speaks volumes that this guy played wide receiver in high school. i can't even imagine that, a 7-0 250 pound receiver, yikes!!!!

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I was excited about seeing him for the first time and watched him closely. Most likely one and done but like most young bigs he has got a lot of work to do. I was torn watching him in the opener. I loved watching this guy run the floor like a gazzele with his long smooth strides. He has incredible length and athleticism, making him an imediate defensive impact. I saw some really nice passing ability but needs to work on his decision making. Other than those things he did some things on the court that drove me crazy. His awareness was was pretty horrendous, not keeping his head on a swivel and continuously turning his back to the ball and not seeing the ball. I think he set 2 quality screens out of the many he set, the others were lazy where he didn't even get a body on the defensive player. He was off-balance and played too high most of the time, not in a good athletic stance. Despite the fact that he is scary defender and excellent shot blocker his angles and defensive positioning were absolutely terrible. He did a decent job of finding a man to box out but when he engaged he didn't seal his man, fight for positioning or push the guy back, and played too high again, costing him several rebounds.

Despite all of these flaws I really like him as a prospect. My two major concerns with him are his desire and fighting demeanor. If he showed me these two things more consistently I would take him in the top 10 due to his size, length, and athleticism.

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If he wants to be a one and

If he wants to be a one and done guy he is in the right place with Coach Cal, but I think a decision is logically made as we see how he progresses. He has the size and body to be a one and done guy but without the hype of say his frontcourt partner Nerlens Noel, so Will can just progress and then make a decision which HE feels will e in his best interests next spring.

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