Will Brooklyn have the best starting 5 in the NBA?

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Will Brooklyn have the best starting 5 in the NBA?

D. Williams, J. Johnson, G. Wallace, M. Teletovic, D. Howard

Is there any team out there that can beat those guys? It would appear to be a very balanced and well constructed starting 5 with no holes on offense or defense.

"You can talk about the new (luxury) tax all you want, but if the Lakers get Nash and the Nets get Howard, then what did the new CBA accomplish?" one GM said. "You have to realize part of long-term planning is making sure you don't help create teams you can't beat."

I'm not sure what the bench is going to look like... but there will always be talented "ring chasers" willing to play for below market or minimum contracts.

Mikhail Prokhorov appears to be trying to buy himself NBA championships. Will he succeed? Is there a limit to how much he would be willing to spend in a given season?

As for all the 1st round picks Brooklyn is giving up... there are 1st round picks for sale every year... or early 2nd rounders to bring in young talent.

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Definitely the best starting

Definitely the best starting 5, but how does the bench look after all this?

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If they get Howard, they may

If they get Howard, they may have tthe best statistical starting line up but all of those players have to mesh and it may take a while. I still favor Lakers though because you still have Bynum, Gasol, Kobe, Artest, and now Nash.

Bynum and Howard could got even

Gasol is better than whatever 4 NJ will have

Wallace gets the nod on Artest but not by much if Artest can play like he did the last few games

Kobe is better thad Joe Johnson

Deron Williams is better than Nash but Nash increases his teammate more than Deron

NJ and Lakers are close to a stand still. I don't think people understand that Lakers will probably be averaging over 100 point easy. They big thing will be depth and covering for Nash on D which should not be too hard with two 7 footers.

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With Howoard they will have

With Howoard they will have the best 5 on the floor w/ Deron, Johnson, Wallace, Tetlovic (or whoever the 4 is), and Howard. That is 4 all stars in one lineup, not to mention the 3 of Deron, Johnson, Howard as whole is stronger than James, Wade, Bosh

But I still definitely dont see that team beating the Heat in the East. The Nets may have great flow w/ their stars next year, but they have to get their whole team involved or they will still lost games. They still have to get through great all around TEAMS in Chicago and Indiani. The 76ers are young and have made the playoffs the last 2 years. We have to see who the Celtics will be like next year. And although I do not think they live up to any hype they get the Knicks are their "contending" already as well.

I'm not saying the "New look Nets" will not be in the playoffs next year, but it will not be a cake walk regardless of whatever their starting five may be. Exciting to think about though. I am looking forward to seeing Brooklyn play regardless if they get Howard.

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As a Cavs fan i love the idea

As a Cavs fan i love the idea of landing Marshon Brooks in this deal. With a young core of Irving, Thompson, Waiters, Zeller, Brooks and a slew of draft picks over the next 3 years the Cavs have a bright future.

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Dwight Howard is significantly better than Bynum. Howard is a much better defender and is pretty much better at everything but post scoring.

I think the reason that HotSnot is considering the Nets line-up a potential top starting five is because of how well their line-up fits together. They have the NBA's top all-around pg (not best, but most versatile), a scoring and playmaking sg, a slashing sf, a stretch 4 who is a big time scorer, and a pick-and-roll/post scoring center who is a dominant defensive presence.

The Nets' line-up may gel before the Lakers' does because Nash is an awkward fit on that team. They will make it work due to sheer talent, but it will take a little while. Nash is a pick-and-roll pg, but the Lakers have low post oriented bigs and an iso oriented sg. They aren't a big time pick-and-roll team, so bringing in Nash will lead to a significant adjustment to their playbook if they committ to using Nash to his full potential.

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How is OKC being overlooked

How is OKC being overlooked in all of this? With their experience together you have to put them up there even above Miami, I still believe OKC had the better starting 5 they just ran into LeBron at an incredible level and a Miami bench who couldn't miss shots. If you think about it OKC has the perfect team constrcution. You have 2 elite top 5 scorers in Russell Westbrook who can get in the lane whenver he wants and Kevin Durant who can spot up and hit 3's when Westbrook kicks it out. There is no confusion as to who the two stars offensively are. Then the other 3 starters fill their role completely. All are great defensive players, Sefelosha, Ibaka, and Perkins. Offensively Ibaka can hit a mid range jumper and Sefelosha can hit some 3's. And don't forget the Perkins isn't the worst guy you could have guarding Dwight. Between his athleticism and Ibaka's weak side help they would do better than most teams at guarding him. Lastly I still believe OKC is a better starting 5 than Miami, Miami just has the greater talent, the truth is Miami still sometimes just gets by on their greatness of their star and the actual starting 5 still gets confused a ton, they just hit stride in the Championship.

As for Brooklyn with D12 on paper they may be the best but we will have to wait and see because I definitely have questions. First is if Teletovic is the PF I see him being a big defensive liability although I'll admit that offensively he's a great fit with Dwight. Second this starting 5 lacks spot up shooting when Deron facilitates the offense. Gforce as good as he is as a slasher is a bad shooter. Joe Johnson as well people think he's some dead eye shooter but he hasn't been a good spot up shooter since Phoenix, he will actually miss open 3 pointers with regularity. He's a guy who scores by dominanting the ball, dribbling it out and then hitting a runner or mid range shot. He actually shoots better in rhythm when he's playing point, that certainly could clash with Deron so we'll see how that works out. Defensively though the squad looks great although Joe is more suited to guard SF's but it shouldn't be an issue as there aren't a ton of SG's with the quickness to give him fits. My question is how he will cope defensively if a team goes with a 2 PG lineup.

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OKC is overlooked because they are less reliant on their starting lineup than other teams. They have a great bench. Their starting lineup hasn't been consistently dominant in recent years, but their bench has been.

OKC had a better bench than Miami, but lost the Finals because Miami had the better starting five. I think it is hard to claim that OKC has the best starting five when the last time that starting five played together, it got thoroughly outplayed, as Miami jumped to early leads in the Finals games. Game 4 of the NBA finals was the only game that Miami didn't immediately jump out to an early lead.

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