Will Barton

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Will Barton

I don't know about you guys, but as Blazers fan I'm loving what I see from Will Barton. Olshey said on draft night that they were looking to trade up to mid 20's to take him, and were surprised and thrilled that he fell so far. I feel like he has a pretty high ceiling for a second rounder. Athletic, good scoring instincts, good rebounder for his position etc. He just needs to add some weight to his frame.

What do you guys see from him in the future and what do you think his peak will be? Hopefully he'll be that answer the Blazers have been looking for off the bench all season. I wouldn't mind him and Maynor being our backcourt guys off the bench. I'm hoping Terry Stotts rewards him for his better play with more minutes next season, I think he can prove a lot.

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Always been a big fan of

Always been a big fan of Barton. In my eyes he was a lottery talent that fell because of questions about his ability to gain weight, outside shooting, and character concerns. But Barton was one of the most dominate guards in the nation last year, and always gave 110% and was relentless attacking. He's very athletic with a great feel for handling the ball and scoring, plus he got a great nose for the ball. The Blazers really got themselves a gem.

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Needs to practice his 3 point shooting.

Needs to practice his 3 point shooting in the off-season. I thought DeMar DeRozan was bad but he has twice to percentage for Will. 0.117 is shocking.

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Will Barton

Will Barton can be a solid rotation player in the NBA. If he develops a consistent jump shot and adds some weight, he can be a reliable option off the bench.

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he's such a huge energy guy..

he's such a huge energy guy.. i love it!

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Should be the SG of the

Should be the SG of the future. Great basketball player. He just hasn't found the range and made the transition to the NBA yet. That will come. Or he will figure out another way to score and contribute. Already hits the boards. Already doesn't foul. Turnovers are good for a rookie. He was a great all around player in college. This will come in the NBA. He should have gone in the lottery, maybe even top ten (and certainly ahead of Austin Rivers).

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The steal of the Draft!! Will

The steal of the Draft!! Will is the Truth

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