will arenas be in washington next year

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will arenas be in washington next year

i just dont see him playin for the wizards next year. the emergence of john wall will give him the spotlight and take it away from arenas...... it could work but gilbert needs the ball to be effective... so does wall even tho arenas is more of a scoring guard i dont think him and wall will b good in the backcourt together... if not in washington which is an up and comin team.......... were do u think he would play or will be the best situation for him other than washington................. i think new york would be good for him under dantonis system plus they need his star power what do u think?????

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If there is one team that

If there is one team that would not take on his salary it is the Knicks. After being hindered by salary restriction for over a decade I do not see them jumping into another big money long term contract unless they sign the guy. Arenas will only be moved for another big/long (no homo) contract (Brand, Okafor, Hamilton, etc.).

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Depends on whether

John Wall is a bust or not.

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