Will The 2012 NBA Be A Strong Draft Class

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Will The 2012 NBA Be A Strong Draft Class

I just want to know from you guys based on the top prospects in 2012. Do you think the 2012 NBA will be a strong draft class?

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Barnes, Sullinger, Jones, Miller, Rivers, Davis ,Gilcrist, Teagu, Macadoo to name a few..that's assuming they all jump its deep. Throw in Jonas now maybe not being in the 2011 draft and its a sick draft.

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Put simply, if the top

Put simply, if the top prospects from each class declare then yes. Yes it will.

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It all depends on what the

It all depends on what the NBA does because alot of owners are perferring that 2 year rule.

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As strong as my pimp game at

As strong as my pimp game at the Spring Formal

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Totally, a lot of guys that

Totally, a lot of guys that will get taken in the 5- 10 in this draft wouldn't even crack the lottery next year.

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It all depends how the

It all depends how the freshmen play. If they all play like Barnes did int he first half of the season or play like Favors,Jones then no. But if they play like Barnes did in the second ha;f of the season or like Sullinger,Knight then yes. All depends how they do next season , which i think will be very well.

Macadoo probably wont produce much, think along the lines of Marvin Williams because of the guys he has to play behind

Rivers should be a scoring machine

All the Kentucky guys will probably produce very well

I expect Perry,Barnes and Sullinger produce like all Americans

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Don't forget Myck Kabongo,

Don't forget Myck Kabongo, who I think is the PG in 2012 class, is potentially a top 10 pick and could go even higher if he delivers with his hype coming in at Texas.

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2012 draft should be good but

2012 draft should be good but the thing is despite hype and college success, you never know who will develop in the draft. There are always drafts that surprise people. Everyone was calling this draft weak before players did not come out and the way things look now, if those player would have come out, this would be a pretty strong draft. It may be a average or slightly below average one now because still a lot of talent did come out.

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Why would you say that?

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