Wiggins.....non factor again.

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Wiggins.....non factor again.

In wiggins defense before i start, the hype was totally utterly unfair. Being considered the next lebron or pippen isnt fair to any kid at 16 17 18 years old. Its obvious he is one of the most talented prospects in america but thats all he is....a prospect. I believe he is more than capable of being a star but he would really benefit from an extra year if college. He will for sure be the top pick next year and make more money if embiid is first. He played alot of power forward in high school and doesnt really know how to play guard. He is more than capable but needs to learn with another year. Another thing that should scare a GM more than anything is he lacks that gene kobe mj and other special players have when it comes to taking over taking more shots being aggressive and just competitive. Smart called him out a few times and he takes what? 5 or 6 shots and just acted like he was afraid of the big moment. Wiggins if you ever read this....athleticism wont get you by in the league, everyones athletic. Be smart stay in school. Everyone knows the talent is there but it seems like your not mentally.

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