Wiggins on UK

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LOL... that was actually

LOL... that was actually funny.

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He looks real happy, and he

He looks real happy, and he even said "we" when talking about Kentucky. I wouldn't look too much into it though.

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That video look very promising for UK

Coach Cal is thinking thank you Ryan Harrow for wanting to be close to your family to help with your dads recovery and health.

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I don't know why but I think that he should just go to FSU...I know that there are other programs after this kid like: Duke, UNC, UK, Kansas and others...but I like to see him at FSU...

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he's going to be a phenomenal

he's going to be a phenomenal player wherever he goes. if he goes to UK, they're overwhelming favorites to win it all. if he goes to FSU then they are overwhelming favorites for making the tournament.

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Wiggins doesn't need UK.

Wiggins doesn't need UK. There are some players that need coach Cal and need the recognition that goes along with Kentucky, but Wiggins is going to get it wherever he goes.

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I want to see him go to

I want to see him go to kentucky, they would be interesting and watching great teams makes college basketball fun to watch, this year there was no great team. Kentucky will have talent, but they will all have to come together as a team if they want to win and seeing how that develops is fun to watch. Just watching them practice would be fun to watch because there would be so much competition for minutes everyone would be going hard and that would make all of the guys better players and the sacrifice players would be making to help them win it would show their character too, who wouldnt want a player who wanted to go and earn his minutes and win and not care if he scored 10 points or 20 points.

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