Wiggins to Kentucky

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Wiggins to Kentucky

Ok, choosing to Subject for this forum was a bit unfair but just think... what if that actually happens. What if Wiggins decides to go to UK, which I think he should.

People say thing like "he wont be the man", or "UK is too deep with the class coming in". All this may be true but look at it from a GM standpoint. Him, along with all the other high ranked players coming in will be able to play with a good 8-9 people that could possibly play in the NBA in a year or two. This will show NBA teams that they can play along with other NBA players. Yes, it'll suck for the competition but it'll make all the players on the UK team that much better, fighting for playing time through practice! Just think...

PG- Andrew Harrison 6'5
SG- Aaron Harrison 6'5
SF- Andrew Wiggins 6'8
PF- Julius Randle 6'10
C- Willie Cauley 7'0

PG- Dominique Hawkins 6'2
SG- James Young 6'6
SF- Alex Poythress 6'9
PF- Marcus Lee 6'9
C- Dakari Johnson 6'10

F- Kyle Wiltjer 6'10
F- Derek Willis 6'9
G- Polson and what ever other walk on they can bring along.

This just seems like a no brainer to me. surround yourself with good people who want to be in the same position as you do, dont make it easy. With or without Wiggins, the UK team next year should be one to remember next year!

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This has been discussed so

This has been discussed so much already man. Yea if he went to UK he would get to practice against some of the top players in the country and wouldn't feel the pressure of dominating every game. Personally, I hope that that isn't his mind-set. I want him to feel the pressure of dominating every time out. And for that reason alone i Think he should go to Kansas or FSU. I'd be extremely disappointed if he chose to go to UK.

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he is not going to UK

Little to no chance, his brother even said it would not be in his best interest for him to go to uk. He doesnt want to be in the position where his minutes are questionable even though I think it would a no brainer that he would start

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Here is his latest comment

“Playing against the best I get to see what they do that makes them elite,” he says. “Some are better than me at different things, some are better shooters, some are better dribblers. I’m just trying to learn from my opponents so I can be better at different things and be a better player at all different aspects of the game.”

Said it at the hoop summit, sure sounds like Cal's playing with and practicing against the best argument.

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5 mcdonalds all Americans

5 mcdonalds all Americans coming off the bench

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By joining a collegiate powerhouse

By joining a collegiate powerhouse such as Kentucky, it shouldn't sway GM's into thinking "Well he's playing alongside NBA caliber players, with that in mind we must have him!" Any elite prospect especially a transcending prospect such as Wiggins should be able to co-exist with NBA players anyway as he is programmed to possess that feature regardless.

That's the kind of consideration a GM would reserve to a lesser-known prospect who's on a team full of NBA talent not a talent like Wiggins.

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Just take a steo back and calm down

First off GMs and scouts all have different mindsets. While some may believe “oh he wants to push himself daily in practice and get better” others right or wrong will say “he’s afraid to be the man…he isn’t learning how to carry a team…he’s surrounded by talent playing against less naturally gifted teams so you cannot really evaluate him, etc.” So it’s not like it’s just a no-brainer to pile on some stellar class. Also, and this is funny because it happens year after year. Many on this site seem to blindly follow rankings and have convinced themselves without actually SEEING a large body of work from these players verse high quality competition that they can just show up off their rankings and dominate. I mean look at last year’s top 5 player rankings, matter of fact go back to 2011 top 5 player rankings and think about how many of them actually dominated college out the gate. Only Anthony Davis took college hoops by storm(and Anthony Bennett to a degree but then tapered off somewhat…Maybe argue MKG but he stood out for different reasons). So it’s far from a lock that these players can just show up and take over the college hoops scene. Calm down and just see how it plays out. Wiggins will be fine with or without Kentucky but please let’s see how they actually play in games before we say they’re going to have 9 NBA players on their team. This reminds of when people felt okay with Harrison Barnes being on the preseason All-American or ACC first team(I forget which) before he ever played a college game.

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People have to realize that

People have to realize that Wiggins is choosing between being a dominant player and having chance to win a national championship. Going to FSU he will be the man but there is not enough there to challenge for national championship. I think the road to finals goes through Kentucky. No way coach Cal has another bad year and the players coming and returning players know they have something to prove.The Kentucky practices with intensity that Cal will demand will be better than the games they play. In terms of getting better no school can challenge him like Kentucky. Everyday it will be best on best, no days off or you will get eaten . That is the mentality that is Wiggins next step. No other school possesses that for him. Kansas and NC will be good but the talent is no comparison. So even though I am not Kentucky guy if he goes there I think make him much better than going anywhere and since he is 1000% a one and done, plus best chance to win a national championship of all 4 schools left on his list.

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Wiggins' recruitment timeline

Wiggins' recruitment timeline is following like many of Calipari's high profile recruits. Said this a couple times but I still think he goes to UK even though I want him to go to FSU or KU.

For what it's worth, Wiggins cancelled his in home visits with UNC, FSU, and Kansas today where the coaches were going to give him their final pitch...UK had their in home a couple weeks ago...

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I'm done talking about this

I'm done talking about this mainly because it would disgust me if he went to Kentucky.

To wait this long, then throw in your hat with the front runner which would take away minutes from other players is BS IMO. I'm probably gonna get killed for this comment but I really don't care.

I love Wiggins but if he decides to take it easy and ride with the Harrisons, Randle, Lee, Johnson and Co. he will go down in my books. And if that happens, I hope UK fails to establish any sort of chemistry and I will become a Jabari fan over a Wiggins fan. I've been in Camp Wiggins since the beginning, but will switch sides on this rivalry if he joins the cats.

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You can't hate on wiggins for

You can't hate on wiggins for going to kentucky. It was first school he went to unofficially when he transferred to huntington. They have always been the front runner and had his parents not attended fsu i think he would have already committed to kentucky. I would bet he doesn't want to disappoint his parents first and foremost so that is biggest struggle.

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