Wiggins Defense

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Wiggins Defense

He didn't do anything in the summer league offensively that I didn't see at Kansas, he shoot a little too many jumpers and is still too upright while taking it to the rack. But man, this dude was STRAIGHT CLAMPS on the defensive end (beside the Canaan play). Granted it's just summer league, but I was still very impressed. Of course he has all the tools to be a lock down defender, but he also played very hard and showed a surprising motor on that end. I know this is saying a lot, but I think he will be all defensive first team by his second year in the league.

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Whilst I agree that he will

Whilst I agree that he will be a high level defender I don't think he will be a top 5 level defender by his second season, especially with guys like Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Lebron, Tony Allen, Jimmy Butler and others that I am surely forgetting out there on the perimeter vying for those wing and guard spots.

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I think him being all defense

I think him being all defense 2nd team is attainable for him by his 2nd season.

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He held college opponents to

He held college opponents to a ludicrously low FG%. Add a bunch of NBA muscle in a few years and he'll be scary on defense.

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As good as those players are

As good as those players are none of them are as athletic as Wiggins and I think he knows that defense will be his strength to start with, I can see him proving his worth by being a lockdown defender and 2nd team defense by his second year.

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If the Love trade happens I

If the Love trade happens I would love to see Wiggins get angry and slighted. I'm the number one pick in the draft and you're gonna trade me for a slower, less athletic white guy?? Andrew Wiggins absolutely amps up his work ethic, intensity and fire and destroys it with the Timberwolves making Cleveland regret trading him. It probably won't happen, but it's a cool thing to think about.

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