Wiggin Performances was the worst of all three

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Wiggin Performances was the worst of all three

It was clear that Wiggins was the least impressive of the 3. He did get a quiet 20, but most were off dunks. He did have the one good step back, but that doesn't justify him being ahead of Parker (Grant Hill) and Randle (ZBo). I think at this point my lakers should tank and get Randle with the 3rd/4th pick. He would fit in great at the PF with Kobe, Nash, and Gasol. Can you image, they'd be back up to a 2 or 3 seed in the west and make major waves.

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I Bet your Mom Wish She had

I Bet your Mom Wish She had Swallowed!!!

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That's quite rude. I see

That's quite rude. I see where you get your name. You really were that impressed with Wiggins, huh? He has way too much hype, can't handle the pressure. Just wait til he gets drafter by the Jazz and fold under the Salt Lake City pressure.

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Salt Lake City pressure?

Salt Lake City pressure? Who's ever heard of that?

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Them Mormon's can get vicious

Them Mormon's can get vicious at times and when they convert him to Mormonism and he ends up with 5 wives, that is a high level of pressure.

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Did you watch the game?

Did you watch the game? Wiggins struggled with foul trouble but then he pretty much sealed the game for Kansas at the was that NOT impressive?

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Randle had 23 and 12, but he

Randle had 23 and 12, but he also had 8 turnovers and shot just 9-15 from the line. Wiggins had trouble staying on the court, but he did score 22 pts in just just 25 minutes along with 8 rebounds.

Randle needs to stop trying to play on the perimeter so much. It caused the majority of his turnovers pluse he was absolutely unstoppable in the low post and scored or was fouled every single time. Kentucky's perimeter defense was attrocious as well. There is nothing about Andrew Harrison that has stood out to me so far in each game this year......

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I don't see Randle being the

I don't see Randle being the Lakers' guy. He is a legit power forward and would be good with Pau but Pau lost his touch so that team would lack spacing and inside athleticism. The Lakers like the flashy upside guy so I think they go with Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker.

Parker would be the best guy to get RIGHT NOW if Kobe wants to go after one more ring. Nash/Blake, Kobe/Xavier, Parker/Shawne Williams with Pau, Kaman, and Jordan Hill inside would be solid all around. Not much defense or blinding speed, but solid all around.

Wiggins would be THE GUY if they wanted a Kobe Bryant replacement and a guy who could bring back Showtime. I really think that Kobe could help Wiggins out a lot. With shooting AND insane workout habits. Wiggins looks like a 2 guard to me with good length and size but not FREAKISH size and length.

If they had the third pick then I think they go Best Player Available.

Jabari Parker would be the guy if the Lakers wanted to WIN NOW with Kobe as the alpha dog at the 2. Then put Jabari Parker at the 3.

Wiggins is the guy with the most "upside" and flash. He could learn from Kobe (and even play with Kobe in smaller lineups) and then take over to be THE MAN for the LA Lakers. Wiggins has more Showtime and Superstar "potential".

Randle is good, and a beast inside but he is not that long and not that tall (Z Bo but with less length). He also doesn't have great defense so he and Pau might not be the best fit unless either Pau or Randle could stretch the floor by hitting a bunch of perimeter shots.

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I would say Randle had the

I would say Randle had the worst night, but probably had the biggest highlight. He had a MONSTER second half on O, but those 8 TOs and some horrendous defense clouds the overall performance.

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Wiggins was the most

Wiggins was the most productive of the three, and easily the best on defense. Parker looked further along on offense than Wiggins, but his production declined inthe 2nd half when Wiggins was on him.

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why are some ppl

why are some ppl micromanaging his performance so much... like seriously... wiggins and parker are two completely different players... its not a surprise that parker is more skilled and refined... we all knew this prior to the season starting... its been two freaking games.. give the guy a break.... he played good yesterday and outplayed parker in the end... give him time to fully get his sh*t together... parker, wiggins and randle aren't even at their best yet.. everyone needs to chill

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I don't think the lakers own

I don't think the lakers own their first round pick

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