Why wouldn't Chris Paul pick Indiana?

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Why wouldn't Chris Paul pick Indiana?

They are screaming for a PG. I am sure that Indiana could get under the cap enough to sign him if Paul indicated that he wanted would sign. All they need to do is find a team willing to take Granger for pure cap-space. I would imagine Cleveland would accept a Granger for nothing deal. That leaves Indiana with more than enough to sign Paul and if they make another move or two they would have enough to bring back West as well. Then they sign a few vets for the bench (to join now 6th man George Hill) and all of a sudden Indiana may have the best team in the NBA.

Paul would fit VERY well with the veterans that the Pacers have. It looks like a PERFECT fit. If your response is "LA vs Indiana", I would be VERY disappointed in Chris Paul. Is he really care so little about winning a title that he couldn't stand to sacrifice a little bit on the city you live in? He can then go back to LA in the off-season.

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I agree

I was thinking the same thing. This gives him the best chance @ winning without jumping on a ship that has an overload of talent. IDK Chris but from the looks of things he'd fit in w/ the team culture being that he's a gritty competitor.

Also, It would be extremely hard to score against a lineup of CP3, Stevenson, George, West, Hibbert.

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Small market

I didnt even consider this but it sounds so possible. A lot of teams would be interested in Granger so I do believe this is a something that could be done. The only problem I have with this is would CP3 consider playing in a small market again. Even though this might sounds minor to us a lot players want to play in a big market but I do think CP3 is the prefect fit for the Pacers!!!

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Granger and Stephenson for Paul then Indiana grabs Allen Crabbe for his shooting..what a dream if they could bring west back..pAul Crabbe George west and hibbert

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