Why is Washington losing?

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Why is Washington losing?

Why is Washington losing?
Is it time for a Coaching change?

With the Wizards line up George Karl could get them to the 3 seed in the East.

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They have had quite a few

They have had quite a few injuries to start the season, that never helps

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The Wizards kinda suck because they're the Wizards

1. John Wall, Brad Beal and Marcin Gortat are the only players I'd want if I were a GM, and they are all a little bit overated or overpaid at this point in their careers, they've actually accomplished nothing quite frankly (Wall hasn't been to the playoffs yet and Gortat's biggest achievement was backing up Dwight Howard)

2. Your high pick Otto Porter isn't anything special and having contract killers like Ariza and Harrington doesn't help things either

3. Aren't they still paying Jan Vessely (another wasted pick IMO)

4. Why do they need Trevor Booker and Chris Singleton and Otto Porter and Jan Vessely and Trevor Ariza and Al Harrington and well you get where I'm going with this right??? They have an absolute longjam at Forward yet none of them are worth the minutes they recieve...

5. This is just the Wizards being the Wizards man...They have been bad historically, what made you think they were due to make a strong push in the opposite direction???

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Why does it matter if they

Why does it matter if they have contract killers? The question was why aren't the wizards winning THIS SEASON.

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Simply put, Brad Beal and

Simply put, Brad Beal and Nene have both been hurt for the last couple of games. Most teams aren't that good when you take away their 2nd and 3rd option scorers. They can be as high as the 3 seed in the east if they can all stay healthy, but that is a BIG "IF". They have a cast full of injury-prone players to say the least.

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Such a waste that Vesely is

Such a waste that Vesely is not getting any minutes. I know in the NBA he hasn't been any good, but during the last Eurobasket he showed he's got game as an athletic 4-man. Any chance they can trade him to a rebuilding team to give hime minutes, a la PHI or BOS, in exchange for some veterans as WAS tries to 'win' right now?

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@Dutchie do you even watch

@Dutchie do you even watch the games? Vesely gets plenty of playing time and is one of the most least effective players on the team. He is horrible and usually a liability on both ends.

As far as the Wizards losing, its because they are average at best. Ive been saying this over and over while you guys keep saying this team is a lock for the playoffs the last two years.

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They just have a bad bench.

They just have a bad bench. Playing guys like Booker, Vesely, Singleton, Rice Jr, Ariza, Temple, and a struggling Eric Maynor doesn't help. They just don't have nice role players who are consistent enough or get consistent enough minutes. Also, Bradley Beal is just not quite there yet, being a little too inefficient at this point in his career. The Wizards are absolutely reliant on John Wall's playmaking right now.

I still think that the Wizards should still be a top 4 seed in the East and will likely get better as the season goes on. Hopefully Otto Porter starts to make an impact in the future.

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It is a good question. They

It is a good question. They should be a lock for the playoffs in the East. I just hope they don't turn it around on Wednesday vs the Nets.

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They are currently the 6th

They are currently the 6th seed in the East. I know the East is awful outside of Miami and Indy but making the playoffs was probably the Wizards goal going into the season. It isn't like they would be title contenderes no matter who their coach is. The 4th and 5th seeds have losing records right now and the Wiz would match up with the Hawks in the first round. They can win a playoffs series this year and that has to be what they thought their absolute ceiling was for this team going into the year.

They need to exercise some patience and let their team get healthy before making any other moves. If they don't like the way this season ends for them then in the offseason they can look at a new coach who will have time to implement his system. Right now they seem like a virtual lock to make the playoffs with only the Heat, Pacers and Hawks ahead of them in my mind.

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