Why is Tyreke Evans so low in this mock draft?

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Why is Tyreke Evans so low in this mock draft?

I dont get why he is not up in the mock draft... if he is left at the raptors pick they better pick him!

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Hes a shooting guard that

Hes a shooting guard that cant shoot

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I understand why he is low

I understand why he is low now but he should move up but I am think right now many people are worried because he needs the ball in his hands to be effective and everyone is good in the NBA so he may not has the same role he did in college.

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Take this...

...for what it's worth.
I'd say he's like a Daequan Cook/Javaris Crittendon type of pick. Meaning, not that he plays like those two, but he's a talented college freshman who played well, but has too many holes in his game to be guaranteed of any NBA success.
Although, this is a relatively weak draft, so moving up a little bit isn't completely unfathomable.

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Just think about Rodney

Just think about Rodney Stuckey, that's how good Evans is... No matter than that.

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his decision making sucks

he is not ready for the nba. his is not a clutch performer and needs alot more experience before even thinking about playing in the nba. his defense sucks and plays by himself. his scoring and pontential keep him in the 1st round. but he really needs schooling. hopefully all the bench splinters dont get to him.

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the only reason he is so low is becuase they have overhyped players like wayne ellington and gerald henderson goin high which iz a wash becuase neither one of them are as talented as Tyreke and neither one is a automatic starter

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It will

The Draft will sort itself out...I think Evans could be a better version of Stuckey. He needs to go to a team like a Minnesota, New York, Pheonix because I think he needs to be tried out at PG and SG

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Honestly i think he should be there because up and till mid season he stepped his game up. He has got the game but right now i don't know if he should even be in the draft he has mad skills no question but if he stayed in college i think it would be better he would get smarter on just knowing how to take the game and sometimes he doesn't know what to do, his skills take over for him instead of him thinking about the game.

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I mean...

Why would a team get excited about a 2-guard (he isnt a point guard) that cant shoot, isnt a great athlete, and needs alot of shots to produce points?? I dont really blame teams for not really liking him that much

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he's not nba ready can not

he's not nba ready can not play in crunch time he's a freshman blow average defender not a proven leader. He should stay in school.

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i think he is a solid

i think he is a solid prospect: good height (i think around 6-6), strong driver, somewhat athletic; great rebounder for a guard (about 5.5 a game)

and everyone says he doesnt have a jump shot? he shoots 45% from the field (i no he shoots under 30 from 3 point range) even if he is a sucky shooter, shooting is the easiest thing to fix and he has a good form, except he fades away alot

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i think he is a top 10

i think he is a top 10 prospect because of what he did most of the season and the NCAA tourney. Like I said before his game is more fit for the NBA. He is 6'6 219 who can play the point guard spot, Yeah his 3 point shooting is bad but who besides Wayne Ellington and Stephen Curry, Which prospect has a good 3 point shooting percentage.
I think he would play at the PG spot cause he can run a team if he want to. At Memphis there wasn't another top notch scorer on the team. He can Take advantage of little point guards with his strength and if they put a bigger guard on him he can break them down with his ball handling on One on One play.
I think He is going to be a problem.

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Interesting posts for Tyreke

Interesting posts for Tyreke Evans who just happened to win the ROY and is pretty much a 16-5-5 in the pros now

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So, like, what's your point?

There seemed to be a wide array of opinions on him (with no clear consensus). Which is not all that surprising, actually, considering there's still alot of disagreement over how good he is now.

Why does that warrant bringing this thread back from the dead? (Not judging you, just asking.)

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