Why is Sacramento talking to all these guards?

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Why is Sacramento talking to all these guards?

On hoopshype they meeting with Jose Calerdon. I thought the kings biggest need is small forward? They drafted A stud in Maclemore got Macullm still have Jimmer Thorton and Thomas on the roster along with Evans whom the kings might match offer from the pelicans. Does anybody else see the problem?

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I think you really need some

I think you really need some spelling lessons

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personally, i like the

personally, i like the possible addition of Jose. i believe he's the kind of player and distributer this team needs. not to mention the profesionalism and maturity he'll bring to the squad and locker room. if i were the kings and landed calderon, i'll have no qualms having isiah as his back-up and ray as the third point guard while dealing Jimmer despite where his current trade value is at.

i'll part ways with evans either through a S&T or just out right and will start Thornton and let McLemore develop at the proper pace. theres not really a glut of premium small forwards to choose from in free agency. after Iggy and Kirilenko, Korver, Brewer and Barnes are already top names. and 4 out 5 are looking to sign with a contender or a team with a winning culture already.

the kings have to get some vets who are willing to help change the culture of the kings franchise. players who can show them that team ball works more than hero ball.

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jose could be a great mentor for jimmer, teach him how to run a team. plus both players greatest weakness is probably poor defense due to athleticism so calderon could show him to succeed in the league for long time. people overstate calderons weaknesses. yes his defense is poor but while back here in toronto, he never had a legit rim protector behind so that magnified the issues. his greatest assets are the things he does that dont show up on the statsheet. he brings a team together to play TEAM basketball. hes not the guy that needs to be the one to make the last pass for the assist, he gets everyone in place to run the plays and creates the willingness for the extra pass.

one example of a player he reallly helped improve was amir johnson. when he first arrived to toronto, he had issues with just about everything on offense but running the P&R/P&P with calderon all those years has turned him into a legitimate starter.

with the shoot first/selfish culture that seems evident in sacramento, having a veteran liek jose would help alot. i do wish lowry was traded instead on calderon since we now have alot of inefficient scorers

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If the Kings decide not to

If the Kings decide not to match an offer Tyreke signs with another team, this would be great for them. they could look to move Jimmer and Thornton and have a good starting back court of Jose and Bmac.

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I'm pretty sure

I'm pretty sure the Kings are aware of the state of their guard situation, if they are meeting free-agent guards that would indicate existing back-court players are going to be shopped most notably Tyreke Evans. I don't think the back-court would be too crowded with Thomas, Fredette, Thornton, McLemore and McCallum actually it would be refreshing to see a bunch of young guards scrapping for starting roles.

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