Why no love for Jimmy Butler?

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Why no love for Jimmy Butler?

The guy is a solid player. Long, great defence, and a good offensive game, he was in the mock draft earlier in the year, and now he is gone.

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He's a solid prospect and

He's a solid prospect and player IMO. He's got good size for a SF at 6'7 225, and he's strong and long enough to defend alot of college PF's. He defends very tough like you'd expect a guy from Marquette to, and he can play without the ball. He won't ever be more than a 5th option role player because he's too shaky a shot creator due to the high center of gravity he plays with, so it's good he can play without the ball. I think he's a guy who should have alot of chances to make teams.

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"high center of gravity"

"high center of gravity" WTF.....Thanks a lot Jimmy Dykes

Other than that I prettty much agree with your views of Butler. I like him a lot, he's very versatile and has a nice game, creates very well off the dribble for his size but because of his lack of a consistent jumper I think he will have trouble getting on the court.

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