Why NBA fans should calm down regarding the Heat

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Why NBA fans should calm down regarding the Heat

Posted this a couple days ago with such terrible format that it was unreadable so here's another shot. Just a few observations that I think warrant attention regarding the Miami Heat:

With the finals ending in the fashion that they did, it's only natural that every NBA fan is spamming the panic Button on behalf of the heat. I think, however, that most of the reactions have been blown completely out of proportion. Heres a couple thoughts on which I'd like to see yalls opinions.

1) every NBA fan and his uncle are saying that the heat wasted a year (Jim Rome even said it) since they didn't win the championship this year. Everyone is chastising them for losing and saying thing like "the future is hopeless" and "they won't ever win a championship".

I think this is totally ridiculous. While the Heat were considered heavy favorites by the mass of NBA fans this season, if you look back at the experts predictions at the beginning of the year, almost none of the "experts" predicted the heat to win. For the most part they predicted exit in the Eastern conference finals or semi's to the magic or celtics.

As such, I would say that the heat have actually slightly outperformed their expectations for the first year. They had a lot of gaping holes on their roster and those holes were even further exposed with key injuries to the likes of Haslem and Miller (neither of whom were close to normal form in the playoffs).

Additionally, they beat a very good bulls team in the eastern conference finals, which has to count for something.

2) pending the new CBA, the Heat should get to add a solid veteran free agent each year with the Mid-level exception. The MLE let's teams sign free agents to a deal that begins with them being paid the average salary in the league while allowing teams to go over the salary cap in the signing. This allows the Heat to partially shore up their weaknesses with key free-agent signings over each summer, leading to them improving over time.

3) They will get better. Seriously. This team is oozing with talent and I think it's obvious that they didn't make full use of it this year. Wade, Bosh, and James didn't get magically worse this year, they just saw less touches with the improved talent and also had to deal with the adjustments needed to play together. As their chemistry improves, I think they will continue to get much better. Their defense is already great. Once their offense starts to flows better, they should improve greatly (they still won a ton of games with that incredibly disgusting looking, stagnant offense).

3) stop calling for the heat to fire Eric Spoelstra. He didn't do a bad job considering the circumstances. Spoelstra is one of the budding young coaching stars of the NBA and he will continue to improve as a coach.

Everyone says that he was outcoached by Rick Carlisle in the finals. I don't think that the finals are a complete measure of what kind of coaching capability Spoelstra possesses.

Remember, it looks like Rick Carlisle severely outcoached Phil Jackson in the mavs-lakers series.

Does this mean that Carlisle is a better coach than the Zen Master? No.
Does this mean that Phil Jackson is an incompetent coach? Hell no.

Also, during the bulls-heat series, it appeared that Spoelstra outcoached Tom Thibodeau. Thibs was the coach of the Year if y'all didn't remember.

All in all, the heat could be In much worse situations than they are. Let's just hope chris bosh finds some aggressiveness and LeBron stops falling in love with 20 foot fadeaways when he's being guarded by a point guard. Maybe then, the heat can start tapping into all that

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okay first of all i was

okay first of all i was rooting hard for the mavs this year because i never liked how the heat handled themselfs. but you are absolut right with most of your points.

to get to the finals in the first year was a success i think. i also agree that they wasted a good chance to win it all but that does not mean they will never do it or that they are a complete failure. so ask yourself the questions: was i happy that they lost? (my answer YES) are they a complete failure? (my answer NO)

if the midlevel exception still exsits i agree that they should be able to add some nice pieces but i am not sure it will with the new CBA. that would screw them up i think...

you were honest and realistic and i like that much more than screaming for trades of bosh or even lebron...

plus dirk became much better in clutch situations so why should lebron not be able to?

finally i will keep rooting against the heat but please do it with some realism....

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1. I don't care what anybody

1. I don't care what anybody or what everybody says. The Heat wasted a year, any time now they do not win a championship they waste a year. They were put together to do one thing, win a championship, they failed.

2. The cap will go down, there might not be a mid level exemption and to field the minimum players they might have to trade one of the BIG 3. That's reality. So their future actually looks bleak, after Bosh they have nothing. The winning team year after year proves they are just that, a team made out of 12 player not counting the other few signed but even they do their part in practice to help. Right now it's going to be hard to upgrade unless the BIG 3 take a pay cut and they sign someone who can run the show and a man in the middle. Plus some backups who will do the dirty work because I just don't see the BIG 3 dive for balls or give the hard fouls even Dirk does.

3. Eric Spro did a great job of not getting fired, as for on the court he was horrible. The Heat have NO system. What system do they run? What is it called? They have the perfect players for the triangle or some simplified version because of the lack of a good facilitating PG and 2 players in Lebron and Wade who can handle the ball, perfect for the triangle. I can't remember them even running a pick and roll. It looks like they make it up as they go along. They have no court discipline and no system. That's why when the Mavs were flying the Heat was lying down and dying. They were lost out there against a better prepared and coached team, the key word is team.

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Thibs got out coached?? lol

Thibs got out coached?? lol Or did the Bulls just not have any other offensive player besides D Rose? Bulls kept the Heat under 90pts in 4 games that series. Bulls just need more scoring.

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Exactly, the Bulls lost

Exactly, the Bulls lost because even though I like Noah he passed up too many open shots. Boozer who I don't like was hurt as usual and disappeared. Boozer tried but I question his heart and desire to win. I thought it was a poor signing and they would have been much better to go for even DLee who is friends with Noah.

Noah will work on his shot hopefully and come back a more complete player. They will be better and I think pass the Heat next season, if there is a season. The Bulls will make some other tweaks and bypass the heat unless they too make changes. I think the Bulls are in a better situation to improve.

The Bulls must get more scoring from their bigs and a SG or SF that can start or come off the bench and provide instant offense, maybe a FA like Crawford from Atlanta.

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