Why is Myck Kabongo still a First Rounder in the Mock?

I don't get it, he underachieved as a Freshman and has not played a game all year. Why is he slated as a First Rounder?

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I'm going to go out on a limb

I'm going to go out on a limb and say part of the reason is that this just looks like a really terrible draft class. I mean, are there four people behind him in the last mock that should be in front of him?

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Agree with him , while also

Agree with him , while also adding there isn't man good PGs in this class either

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I don't have him in 2013, but

I don't have him in 2013, but my guess is that he's still talented with great physical tools and intangibles for the PG position. He had some strength and shooting issues last yr and he's supposedly looked really good in practice after putting on 10 lbs of muscle and an offseason of working on his shot.
If he doesn't hit the ground running this yr, I could see him back for next yr. If he does, I don't see anything wrong with him being in the first round. His talent didn't just go away.

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Probably because there is

Probably because there is like 6 months to the draft and it doesn't matter what the mock looks like right now.

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