Why MarShon Brooks isn't a Hawk ?

I still ask myself why MarShon Brooks wasn't a part of the Joe Johnson that brought JJ to Brooklyn. If someone can explain me why, i will greatly appreciated it ! I know Ferry wanted to get rid of his contract but he basically dealt a All-Star for Morrow, Stevenson and a protected 1st rounder.

And bonus question, where the Nets can go with Brooks ? He has a very little play time, i watched him closely in the beginning of the season because i drafted him in fantasy (deep roster league), but quickly drop him despite a very good FG%.

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good ?

I like Brooks game a lot but maybe Ferry doesn't. Plus, the Nets might of thought they were already giving up enough for a guy who has one of, if not the worst, contracts in the NBA. Everyone does realize that Joe Johnson hasn't averaged 20 a game since 2009-10, right?

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It was just a massive salary

It was just a massive salary dump. If I remember correctly all the contracts they acquired are expiring and now they only have a few contracts going beyond the end of the season. Now the Hawks can be major players in free agency. Wouldn't it be great to see Dwight and Josh Smith back in Atlanta together!

And as a side note I am nowhere near as high on Brooks as other people seem to be. He is a scorer who plays like a number one option but only has the talent of a fourth option on a good team. Nick Young comes to mind.

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Thank u for your answers, you

Thank u for your answers, you right frogman it's only expiring contracts except maybe Stevenson because he was sign and trade by the Nets (but maybe for a 1 year contract i gotta check that)

Brooks can be a very good scorer for a 2nd unit i think, but this year is going to hurt his development.
And for Howard, he WILL resign in LA, he said last week he already know where he would play next year, that could mean only one thing... LA ! Don't see Hawks attracts some major players but time will tell i guess

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