Why the Mario drop?

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Why the Mario drop?

Haven't people raved about Mario Hezonja for years now, saying he is the best euro prospect since Drazen Petrovic? The highlights on his profile page are pretty incredible. I have very limtied viewing of him but he seems like a special talent. Seems like he only goes right but is craft with his handling and easily got to the basket against that competition at least. Good shooter but a great scorer and can score in a number of different ways. Incredible feel for the game and showed flashes of some amazing passing abilities. A great athlete as well, with good size.

Are the character concerns and lack of effort on D really that bad for him to drop to late first round pick? Or is the draft just that good that he might fall? What is the likelihood of him coming out in 2014?

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Probably because he's just

Probably because he's just not playing enough, so there isn't much to evaluate to see how much he's improved. I still have him lotto in 2014 based on his physical tools and his unpolished skill set, but if his minutes remain like they are all yr, I think he'd be leaning more towards 2015.

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