Why lakers change from Triangle to Princeton offense?

Maybe Mike Brown explained it at some point to the press that I have missed but im really curious as to why the Lakers fully embrace Princeton over Triangle.

What was the exact reason/advantage for this Lakers team to adopt Princeton offense this season over the Triangle that they have been running for years?

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Mike Brown does not

Mike Brown does not understand the triangle.

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@fastdan Mike Brown doesn't


Mike Brown doesn't understand offense

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The triangle gets the best

The triangle gets the best out of Kobe, so you carry on running it, that would seem logical to me and with Nash you have one of the best creators in the game so he can add his extra skill to the system. It may seem logical but you have a great creator, a great scorer and a couple of good scorers so creator gets ball to scoring options!

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Because he trusts Eddie

Because he trusts Eddie Jordan and what Eddie Jordan knows is the Princeton. The Tri and Prince are actually quite similar except that with the Princeton there are more things you can do out of them. The tri is actually a minimized version of the Prince. Personally I'm hoping MB gets fired by January and MR. Phil Jackson is brought in (with Shaw). MB was a bad signing as head coach and eventually everyone will see it. It's one thing to take the ball out of Sessions' hands even though he was putting up 16,5,8 over X amount of games then relegate him to a Fisher role of bringing the ball up, pass it off and go stand in the corner for theree, but then to do the same to STEVE "Former 2X MVP" Nash. That's just ignorant.

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Princeton is made for the

Princeton is made for the college game. It's a pretty slow, half court offense and I get wanting to try it in LA because of Paul's passing in the high post, but when your offense relies on back screens, and NBA defenders are longer, quicker and have been playing basketball for 20 years...a backscreen oriented offense doesn't make much sense.

You have to take advantage of transition in the NBA, and Mike Brown was a horrible hire. I give him til Jan.

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Offense not the issue

I find the criticism hilarious. Basketball is basketball. The Princeton offense is not made for the college game and it is not slow. And it is not the Lakers problem. SMH. Many would be shocked to know that many of the principles if not most in the triangle are mirrored in the Princeton Offense. Tempo is a matter of emphasis not half court system. The Sacramento Kings were a high tempo passing team and ran the Princeton offense just fine and won with it. The things I have heard Kenny Smith and Barkley say are just ridiculous. And if you all are honest the reason the criticism is coming so fast and furious is because of who made the decision to run the offense and not what offense they are running. Mike Brown is easy to rip and he will always be easy to rip unless/until they win a championship.

The Nuggets currently run the Dribble Drive Motion Offense (Kentucky) and guess where this offense comes from? You guessed it...the Princeton Offense.

The truth is... the Lakers aren't guarding anyone. They can't get stops. They scored 106 points last night and everyone is asking about the offense. There is 1 basketball and I don't care how much talent you have it takes time to mesh and understand when each players wants to make a play. That takes time.

This criticism is forced and out of place and really sounds ignorant on basketball. ALL OFFENSES work when they are executed and where continuity exists. There is not such thing as a "college offense" or "high school offense".

The Utah Jazz have been a Flex type offense for years (mixed with some pick and roll) and they won for years with Jerry Sloan. Why? Because they executed.

The Lakers ran the triangle.

Denver runs the Dribble Drive...they win.


Ridiculous comments from all these so called experts crack me up.

My favorite is Magic. "Why don't they just run pick and roll with Steve Nash?" And then Kobe would be playing off the ball which is not where he is strong.

The Lakers will dominate this year if they defend. Stop all this craziness.

Okay done venting.

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@ ILta

The Princeton offense, just like the Triangle, is an offense of reads. There is no set pattern...there are reads based upon what the defense is doing. Some teams run all sets or isolations out of the sets. Running the triangle, or DDM, or Read and React offense allows players to play based upon reads and without as much structure which is tougher to defend. In other words, it is how the old teams of yesterday played. In fact the Celtics (Auerbach) won 11 titles using this offensive system. It allows for passing and cutting and player and ball movement; just like the triangle does.

The Lakers could spread the floor...give the ball to Steve Nash and let him play his game....but then what role does that give Kobe?

The Lakers could come down and play high low basketball and play through Dwight...but then what role does that give Nash?

The truth is people are criticizing this move because of Mike Brown. That is the truth. This guy may not be Pat Riley but my goodness he gets criticized so ridiculously it makes me sick. And Im not even a Mike Brown defender. But the criticism I am hearing is silliness.

Kenny said..."No college team has ever won a championship with the Princeton Offense". yeah, and no college team won a championship with the Triangle either but Phil Jackson won one in the NBA. So what is he saying? And ask Calipari what many of the principles are of the DDM offense that he runs come from...he will tell you the Princeton offensive system.

Its not the system. And the offense will be fine.

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Dwight Howard had 33 points and 14 rebounds...

Kobe scored 30 and in the first 2 games has barely missed a shot (Historically low percentage shooter).

Gasol had another great offensive game...

yet folks are complaining about the offensive system. And Dwight would have had another 30 in the first game had he not made only 3-14 free throws.

Yet folks pretending the Princeton offense is the plague of all offenses.

I just think its funny!

Kobe is shooting 61.8% right now. When has that happened?

But the offense is terrible right?

Lol! Think folks! Don't be affected by the group think philosophy! Think!

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The Lakers got spanked by a team full of youngsters (A team they should've torn apart IMO) even though both Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant had huge games...Do the math lol

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I did the math and the reason

I did the math and the reason why they lost to the Blazers wasn't because of their offense.

I was gonna post something in this thread but Thepessimest pretty much owned it.

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The triangle offense has only

The triangle offense has only been effective in the NBA with Phil Jackson and Tex Winter (and at times with only Jackson). A few of Jackson's assistants tried to utilize the triangle offense on their own (Kurt Rambis and Jim Cleamons come to mind right away) and neither was remotely successful.

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@ 220

The facts you laid out are my thoughts exactly. Jim Cleamons tried to run the triangle in Dallas... did not work.

Rambis tried in Minnesota... Didn't work.

Systems in basketball do not win or lose games. The execution of those systems win or lose games. And that goes for both the offensive and defensive side of the ball.

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To those supporting the offense

Has it managed to improve the bench play? Has it utilized Nash as a valuable member of the team? No, the reason why those guys have played like that is off of pure talent. Its Miami all over again their first year. They drop monster games but they are hurting other players offensively. Its just hero ball that is allowing them to even stay in the game. These losses obviously can't continue because of the talent they have. But again defense will be a mainstay as a problem because of the amount of night in, night out pressure to score on Dwight. I mean atleast in Orlando he had guys running up the score with 3's.

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@ Kayjay

You have not watched the Lakers play if you have assessed that they are playing hero ball. That is not the case at all. My assessment is that they are thinking and not reacting. Which will be fixed with more familiarity with each other and the system. This would be the case no matter what system they would have implemented.

Teams take time to build. Steve Nash is coming from a system in which he had the ball 90% of every possession and was responsible for every score.

Dwight is coming from a system where the offense was built around him.

Kobe and Gasol have been playing in the triangle and then last year they played through a lot of sets.

So you are joining new faces in a new system and folks thing that it's just supposed to look perfect.

By the way... If Dwight does not miss 11 free throws in Game 1 that is a different game. Plus they are struggling defensively while everyone is focusing on what offense they run. SMH.

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First of all Good day! I

First of all Good day! I would just like to give thanks to the admin who posted this one I really appreciate it thank you.
Yeah right I totally agree with you! Maybe Mike Brown explained it at some point to the press that I have missed but im really curious as to why the Lakers fully embrace Princeton over Triangle. Keep up the good work and Godbless!
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