Why the Knicks need to PUSH for this Amar'e/Philly deal

I want to write about this, probably going to for my blog, so follow me on twitter (@Quentin315) for that. Anywho, I keep looking at the Amar'e rumors to Philly and wonder if it's the right way to go. Well, here's my logic on why NY should do it.

Here's the ideal deal for both sides: Thad Young, Lou Williams, 2013 1st round pick and cash for Amar'e Stoudemire and a 2012 2nd round pick.

For Philadelphia, it makes sense. You're in the same lane as Indiana, that race for the third best team in the East. If you pull this deal, you now have Stoudemire-Iguodala-Brand-Holiday as your best four players (not in that order), which puts you over Indiana, and capable of pulling out a couple wins vs a Chicago I feel. Also, with Brand/Nocioni off the books, the Sixers will have a couple bucks to fling around and find role players to build around Holiday, Iguodala, and Stoudemire moving forward.

Sixers: Holiday-Meeks-Igoudala-Stoudemire-Hawes (Brand, Turner, Vuiecic)

For the Knicks, I think it's the right move. Carmelo Anthony isn't shooting well, but he's still putting up 26-6-4. Tyson Chandler is hovering near 70% shooting, while averaging a double double. Those should be the two guys to build around. Now, the Knicks add some depth in Lou Williams, who can come off the bench, or even start at time if Baron isn't ready. Thad Young is great because his ability to provide offense at both the 3 and 4. The first round pick also gives the Knicks a chance to add another good body in the mix for next season for our next head coach. The Knicks do get weaker in the frontcourt, but overall, the team longterm could help for the next couple seasons.

Knicks: Davis-Shumpert-Anthony-Harrellson-Chandler (Young, Fields, Williams, Douglas)

Thoughts? I hope I wasn't tooooo bias lmao.

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why the Sixers don't need Amare

He doesn't play D or rebound, has a HUGE contract, and isn't young. I honestly don't want to be giving up a bunch of pieces for this dude. Trade declined.

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I could agree with this, but

I could agree with this, but just like the Knicks are doing this season, the Sixers could hide him. I keep saying it, the Knicks are 10th in the league in defensive efficency. The Sixers could hide him, and if he can recover on the offensive end, he's still one of the top 10 power forwards in the league, and one of the top 20 scorers in the league.

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This deal would benefit both

This deal would benefit both teams in areas they need. Philly has one of, if not the most, balanced team in the league. By giving up Thad and Lou Will, they surrender about 28-30 ppg for a player who isn't a good defender and is having a down, though not terrible year.

On the other hand, Stoudemire I feel would definitely benefit more playing with a good up and coming point in Jrue Holiday, and two unselfish playmakers in Iguodala and Evan Turner. I think the only way Philly considers this deal is if they are confident enough in ET to thrive in the 6th man role the way Lou Will has. I'm not sure how Doug Collins would feel about STAT's defensive tendencies though).

On th Knicks side, they allow Carmelo to be the undisputed 1st option again, which may or may not be a good thing in some people's minds. But he is a great scorer who can go off for 30 any given night, so I'm sure he will return to form. They also get great scoring off the bench and Lou Will who in my opinion would become their best guard.

This can allow Shumpert to play his more natural role as a 2 that can get to and finish at the rim w/o worrying to much about ball distribution (should they chose to start Williams). Thad Young would also thrive in D'Antoni's system as he is a great athlete who can finish transition (also a great defender behind Melo).

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Is this a joke? NY would

Is this a joke? NY would riot!

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If the Knicks were better

If the Knicks were better before melo came and are worse with melo now. Who do you think the REAL problem is? Trade melo. I loved the lineup they had against the heat.

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If the Knicks were better

If the Knicks were better before melo came and are worse with melo now. Who do you think the REAL problem is? Trade melo. I loved the lineup they had against the heat.


The REAL problem isn't Melo it's that they traded Raymond Felton, Wilson Chandler, Danillo Gallinari and Timofey Mozghov for Melo. Unless they can get a few starters coming back then it's not worth it to trade Melo now, not after they gave up so much to get him.

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Knicks are doomed...

The Knicks are no different than when they signed Eddie Curry, Houston etc... different year but same bad contracts and mix of players. I'd be sick if they were my team. New York always fails their chemistry exam.

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Mello has been a big part of

Mello has been a big part of the problem, if they added some depth at SG and a Center they would've been fine.

Mello is a ball stopper and with 44 games played in D'antoni's system and with Amare he should've learned to share the ball by now.

He could've just came in the offseason but obviously wanted the big extension and the team was stripped of 3 starters Mozgov and 2 future draft picks.

You see guys like Wade and Lebron who took less to come and win. Seeing Mello who isn't as great as them forcing a trade for a max extension and watching the Knicks give up basically all their trade chips for him makes him look bad too.

For the Knicks to move Amare's contract makes sense becaz he's not a star player on the team anymore. If he's not scoring his value drops since he's not a very good defender, rebounder or shot blocker. Not sure what Dolan is thinking since he obviously made the decision for the Mello trade. They didn't bring back Walsh in the same role and D'antoni could be gone this season if they don't turn it around.

1 of them probably needs to go and I'm guessing they want to keep Mello.

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I wouldn't take that deal

I wouldn't take that deal though, Philly's pick will be at the end of the draft next year.

Also Lou Williams really how many SG's do the Knicks need.

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Okay I dunno what that guy

Okay I dunno what that guy above me is talking about but...

But I don't like that trade as a Sixers fan because Thad and Lou are too important too the team. But I do want Amare and the only trade I really like the Iggy for Amare straight up. I think that trade makes sense for both teams. Turner finally get's to start and the bench remains the same minus Turner but add's Brand. And the Knicks finally get a defensive wing stopper to go along with Chandler. Plus Iggy would flourish in D'Antoni's system, he would probably run a lot of PG on that team but he's great at doing that.

Shumpert-Iggy-Melo-Jeffries-Chandler- is a more athletic and defensive oriented lineup that can still get up and down the floor and score. This trade puts the Knicks in the playoffs and makes them even more fun to watch.

Holiday-Meeks-Turner-Amare-Brand (With Hawes back injuries I wouldn't be surprised to see Amare and Brand start in the same back court which would be finally give the Sixers some scorers in the paint if Collins can get Amare to stop taking jump shots which he can.) This trade allows Turner to blossom much like Harden did after the Jeff Green trade and also allows for a deeper playoff run with Amare in the post.

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you guys are underestimating

you guys are underestimating amare... watch when he gets back on the floor with lin, running the p&r is by far his forte and they have not been running it at all... matter fact probably the best p&r in the nba with his combination of jump shooting and leaping ability. iggy for amare straight up is a steal for philly.

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Trade makes no sense

This trade makes no sense for Philly. Would be a great trade for the Knicks. There is no balance there at all. I realize that Amare is playing bad basketball right now and will get a ton better, but if you even tried to throw this in the trade machine (can't right now until after March 1st), it would be a joke.

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Not a great trade, but these

Not a great trade, but these super deep teams (Philly, Denver, Houston) really need to consider packaging up some pieces to try to bring in a big time player. Maybe Monta Ellis or Pau Gasol would be better choices and more realistic than Amare, but those teams will continue to fold come April with no star power.

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I guess none of you think

I guess none of you think that J Lin is going to save the day? I'd like to see at least a week or two of him and Amare running pick and rolls before anyone gets traded.

But this is all just speculation. Amare's contract is untradeable at this point, completely and utterly untradeable. The only possible trade out there is for another terrible contract. You could maybe trade Amare for Joe Johnson, for example. Both teams would get production now and a financial disaster down the road.

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