Why KD should go to the wizards

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Why KD should go to the wizards

What's going on everybody I've been coming to this site for years & never joined the forums, but I was watching nbatv clippers v okc playoffs and noticed something interesting..the body language and playing style between kd and Westbrook does not match. Westbrook is a superstar don't get me wrong but he jacks consistently which &$#%#[email protected]! up kd rhythm and playing style on the nightly basis .I feel like john walls pure point guard skill in addition to his driving and dishing is perfect for KD they also have Bradley beal as a almost Allstar 3rd option which okc was missing..they also have a great scoring front court with gortAt & nene..KD recent statements made it even more intersting staying that he would love to come back to his city...what do y'all think ? If he joined I could see them being number 1 In the east with the pacers bulls and Cleveland behind them ...also balancing the east & west for good ...

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A trio of John Wall, Bradley

A trio of John Wall, Bradley Beal, and Kevin Durant would easily be the most entertaining and possibly most talented group in the league. As much as I like OKC, I'm really hoping KD joins Washington. And I'm a Bulls fan.

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Pie in the sky

I agree that Durant would fit with the current Washington team well. However, KD won't be a free agent for another two years. At that time Gortat and Wall will still be on the books for a combined ~30 million. If Beal turns into an all-star in the next year or two his salary will definitely be much higher than his current rookie contract....probably somewhere in the $12-14 million/year range. Therefore signing Beal and Durant (at max money) might be tough to do. Plus Nene probably wouldn't be a part of the team if Durant was to sign, as his contract expires in two years and there is no way Washington can finacially keep both Nene and Beal and sign Durant to a max contract.

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I don't believe they will keep Nene only of he is willing to take a massive pay cut. John Wall and Marcin Gortat contract won't be an issue because of the new TV deal witch will allow players to earn more money.

I like this team because they don't rely on one person to lead them in scoring every night. Washington just need someone that can consistently create his own shot like Kevin Durant. And Kevin Durant needs a set up man that would look for him to get him the ball in scoring situations.

A line up of: PG: John Wall SG: Bradley Beal SF: Kevin Durant PF: shot blocker or stretch 4 C: Marcin Gortat

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Imagine trying to guard all

Imagine trying to guard all three of those guys on a nightly basis. Hell Wall and Beal won't even be in there primes in 2 years. That could be a crazy trio for a long time. If OKC doesn't win a title in the next 2 years and Westbrook is still Westbrook, kinda hard to imagine him not at the very least considering playing for the Wizards. But who knows what'll happen, the Thunder know they have to make some moves that would make it harder for him to leave.

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