Why is it a big deal

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Why is it a big deal

Why is everyone making a big deal on heats player crying. to me its not a big deak and i hope nobody find out who cried because if they do he going to get pick on so bad.

They are making a big deal over nothing to me when playoff time come nobody don't to play the heats because i feel like Lebron James and D-Wade is going to kill whever sick them.

How far do yall think they will make it in the playoff

How many games do yall think they are going to win before the end of the season

What % do yall think the heat got to going to the final

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It is a big deal because the

It is a big deal because the Heat can't beat any good teams. They brought all of this on themselves with the way the 3 of them danced around for the cameras holding up their fingers guaranteeing rings.

When you do that, you better back it up and so far they really haven't.

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It's all very well saying

It's all very well saying that teams can come good in the play offs but with the Heat losing so often to their main contenders out East then these teams will really be up for the play offs and even if the Heat do take a series lead then the other teams will still fancy their chances.

A lot of deafeats have been close but sometimes one team has the Indian sign over the other like the Spurs always got past Phoenix, Cleveland had problems with certain teams as well etc.

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