Why i have alot of respect for Lebron

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Why i have alot of respect for Lebron

He has said all along that it is important to win a ring, he is going to leave a lot of money on the table from endorsements and salary, and he has to suck up his ego to be a 1A guy. That is harder than you think

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no taxes in florida=not that

no taxes in florida=not that much difference in the end in terms of salary

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He wants to win

I can't believe people are saying that titles in Miami (if any) will be devalued because there are three superstars there (or two superstars and Bosh).... It's not like Larry Bird didn't play with one of the best offensive and defensive big men ever in Kevin McHale (not to mention the Chief or DJ), or Magic had chump change with one of the greatest centers of all time (Kareem), an All-Star finisher in Worthy, and a pure shooter in Byron Scott....

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Less Endorsements, lol!!!!!!

He's gonna have to leave endorsements on the table!?!!?!?!? The dude had a 1 hour special dedicated to his free agent signing. Just because he's joining two of the top players in the NBA doesn't mean he's not Lebron James and he's not gonna have any shortage of endorsement deals in Miami.

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